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Deep south gets the heat

Temperatures have risen quickly in the far south  with Invercargill recording 27 degrees before lunchtime and it may continue to climb this afternoon as a very warm northerly breeze envelops the city.

Elsewhere across the lower south the mercury is also on the rise with the low to mid 20s being recorded throughout much of the region.

Further north and the humidity levels are not quite as high as expected, even though the nor’ east winds are dragging moisture in at times. 
Rainfall totals are varying however rainbands are expected to come and go over the next few days accompanied by sticky nor’ east winds.

Tonight is likely to see temperatures slightly above average to well above average for most areas and overcast skies is likely to see the warmth retained.

“In Christchurch today there’s a hint of humidity which we don’t often see” says weather analyst Richard Green.
“The easterly was very gusty at times over the weekend and pretty chilly but today the wind is a bit warmer although some cloud is remaining” he says.

Southern regions are expected to see warm temperatures again tomorrow and also into Wednesday but the clouds are likely to thicken with a few spots of rain possible.


Peter of Dunedin on 12/12/2011 10:37am

28.1deg C here in Dunedin North where I live and work – as a gardener – tell that to Brucellocis – he wouldn’t have a clue as he primps and ponses around the place!

Guest on 12/12/2011 7:21am

well my friends car thermometer said 31 deg when she arrived to do our horses feet! she was very happy that she only had one horse to do!

Wendy on 12/12/2011 2:23am

its 35.8 here in Milton at 3:20pm

Guest on 12/12/2011 3:46am

surely you don’t believe that reading, upgrade your thermometer!

deepsouthweather on 12/12/2011 1:50am

The Temperature peaked before lunch at 28.4c, cloud has now come in and wind has shifted more to the West/southwest and is a more pleasent 24.4c. It appears its going to continue to be warm for the next few days. Metservice forecasting 29c on Wednesday, What we really could do with is some decent rain after a fortninght of none and warm temperatures.

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