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An icy bite to today’s wind.

Even I think this is cold, and that’s saying a lot.  After having been raised in temperatures cold enough to freeze water pipes (literally), I can take a lot of cold.  But today, I have to admit it; I’m cold.

Of course, it’s not just the air temperatures today.  It’s the wind too.

That wind is a double-edged sword.  It was enough to keep frost from forming early this morning.  It kept the air mixed up nicely so the coldest air didn’t settle into the valleys overnight.  But it sure does add an extra bite to the air.  It almost feels like if you sit outside long enough today, you will end up looking like our friend in the homepage image for this story.

Ok, so it’s not THAT cold.

And, of course, I am speaking from the perspective of someone who lives in the Waikato.  Your conditions may vary.  However, most of New Zealand today is seeing temperatures in the 8-14 range.  And not everyone is seeing the same blustery conditions.  That wind chill factor is a real factor in factoring just how cold you feel.

It also worth noting that this is not the first blast of winter this season, especially for South Islanders.  So that may colour your perception of today’s weather.

So how are things by you this afternoon?

Homepage image /  David Withell

By WeatherWatch Analyst Howard Joseph


Derek on 16/06/2012 4:06am

Yes it’s cold alright, actually got colder as the wind increased during the day. Made about 14 deg I suppose and the sun was very good if you sheltered from the wind.
Also very dry so a bit of rain will be welcome when it comes.

Diana on 16/06/2012 2:26am

Phil.. What does the Shortest Day have installed for us.. Feilding. Here next week
I believe it gets colder just after that. And do you think we will the making of snow in August again.. what is the outlook ahead.

WW Forecast Team on 16/06/2012 11:32pm

Hi Diana – 60% chance of precipitation this year for the solstice for you but with warm nor’westers (well "warm" nor’westers – warmer than southerlies at least!).  The coldest weather usually arrives in July and early August but it’s unlikely to get much colder than it’s been lately to be honest! believes the normal risk for a national snow event is just 5% (like the one we had last August) but since March we’ve been saying this year there is a heightened risk for snow events for NZ, this year a national risk is up from 5% to 30% (but still a 70% chance we wont get a repeat of last August).


Philip Duncan

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