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Our last settled day for a while

These last few weeks have been gorgeous for most of us.

If you like sunshine and pleasant temperatures, that is.

It seems like the entire month of April has been one long streak of dry and sunshiny weather here here in Waikato.

It appears that Mother Nature has repaid her debt (at least partially anyway) and given us the summer the she owed us.

However, it also appears the other shoe is about to drop.

We aren’t looking at any widespread severe weather over the next few days, but it is not likely to be the dry and quiet weather that has dominated much of April.

What are your thoughts?  Do you feel like you’ve been paid back?  Do think Mother Nature finally gave us a summer, albeit a short one?

Photo by Julia Wehner

By WeatherWatch Analyst Howard Joseph


south wester on 26/04/2012 6:35am

hi weatherwatch are you looking at that big swell that going to hit the south island west coast and north island swell map picking 8 meter swell which will be huge pulse of swell for surfers dont go out on your boat from monday what you think

malcolm yurak on 26/04/2012 2:22am

Partially paid back ! Just a bit unfortunate we didn’t have the sunshine and the extended daylight , but i suppose the plus was it didn’t get too oppressively humid here(akl) in Feb and Mar.Funny now , our water tanks are getting to where they should have been in summer – so some rain welcome in Waimauku.

LM on 26/04/2012 1:53am

Can’t complain about the last few months in Southland and most of April has been the icing on the cake. Winter can arrive now as all the firewood is stacked and ready to go, lol.

sw on 26/04/2012 1:42am

Wednesday should improve as finally another high moves over us.

Derek on 26/04/2012 1:30am

Not in Whangarei Howard, only the last three days have shown any sun with Anzac the best. Today those predicted winds are starting with slight precipitation & clouds.
Prior to that we have seen way more than our fair share of anticyclonic gloom. Day after day as was most of summer. So I am hoping for a sunny winter..big hope I think.

Dee on 26/04/2012 1:13am

April has more than made up for the disappointing summer for me, especially with fine settled weather occurring over Easter and on Anzac Day for a change – much appreciated Mother Nature 🙂 A bit of rain will be welcome for the garden and water reservoirs though hopefully it isn’t too heavy or continues for too long. It would be nice to return to the crisp clear days for the remainder of autumn (is it too early to be hoping for a mild winter yet?)

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