North Island

Rapidly deepening low to bring rain, severe gales and storm surge, flooding possible (+10 Maps)

DETAILED UPDATE --- Severe Weather Warnings have been issued for Norfolk island and many parts of New Zealand due to an incoming and rapidly deepening low.

PHOTOS x9 - Coastal flooding in Auckland before the low even arrives

With a rapidly deepening low, king tides and strong winds all helping to funnel more sea water into Auckland it's not surprising we're seeing some coastal flooding today.

WeatherWatcher Kyle Aitken says cricket fields, car parks and even one power transformer have been affected by the foreshore flooding ahead of the severe offshore storm.

RainWatch - Thursday 04th January 2018

A rapidly deeping depression moves southwards today out of the Tasman Sea to lie west of the North Island later this evening / overnight. With this low comes strong winds and heavy rain for the North Island, reaching the upper South Island later today or overnight.

Thursday's national forecast

Upper North Island

Severe Storm to suddenly form as it reaches NZ on Thursday, then weakens (+12 Maps)

EXTENSIVE REPORT - UPDATED: A low is today forming offshore from Brisbane and is heading towards New Zealand, rapidly deepening, intensifying and reaching our shores by Thursday PM, air pressure down to 976hPa or maybe lower by early Friday morning.

RainWatch - Wednesday 03rd January 2018

We still have a light and humid north to northeasterly airflow over New Zealand today, flowing around a large high that is situated well out to the east of the country in the Pacific Ocean. Trouble is on the horizon as a low forms in the north Tasman Sea later today, dropping down towards the North Island on Thursday.

RainWatch - Tuesday 02nd January 2018

A light northerly airflow lies over New Zealand today, flowing around a large high centered well east of New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean.

RainWatch - Monday 01st January 2018

A fairly slack pressure gradient lies over New Zealand today which brings a mixed bag of weather, it's not overly wet but a few regions may see showers or some rain. The lower South Island has the driest, sunniest and warmest weather today.

RainWatch - Saturday 30th December 2017

An anticyclone slowly weakens over New Zealand today while some frontal activity starts to affect the lower South Island from afternoon.

RainWatch - Friday 29th December 2017

An anticyclone lies over the South Island today while fresh southerlies lies over the North Island, but gradually easing.