North Island

RainWatch - Thursday 11th January 2018

A front lies over the upper South Island today connected into a low pressure system that lies just west of the South Island. High pressure affects the upper North Island and lower South Island.

RainWatch - Wednesday 10th January 2018

A front straddles the upper South Island today, linking into a low pressure system in the Tasman Sea. Meanwhile a high pressure system lies in the South Tasman Sea and another north of the North Island.

RainWatch - Tuesday 09th January 2018

Anticyclonic conditions cover most of New Zealand today, a weak area of high pressure sits off the east coast of the South Island.

RainWatch - Monday 08th January 2018

An anticyclone centred in the Tasman Sea spreads a ridge over New Zealand today. A weakening front pushes northwards up the West Coast of the South Island during the day.

For the North Island it's a mainly dry looking picture today, just the chance of a clearing shower this morning in the east.

PHOTOS x5 - State Highway north of Thames destroyed by storm

It's very normal in a storm for a highway to be closed due to bad weather or slips - it's more unusual to have a road entirely destroyed by storm surge.

PHOTOS x 6: More coastal flooding images from Auckland on Friday

As the storm roared past Auckland to the west on Thursday night and Friday morning it co-incided with a king tide. The strong to gale winds from the northerly quarter also help funnel more water into Auckland Harbour.

The result was a couple of extra tides well above the normal high tide mark.

Saturday's national forecast

Upper North Island

RainWatch - Friday 05th January 2018

A deep and intense low moves from west to east over the North Island during today, winds ahead of this low are strong from the northerly quarter then swinging around to the westerly quarter as the day moves along. Very strong southerlies move into the lower North Island from evening. The South Island sees southerly quarter winds strengthen later today in the east.

Our latest tweets and weather maps on the offshore storm

We've had a busy day on our Twitter page (@WeatherWatchNZ) with exclusive graphics from as the low deepens and the weather goes downhill.

Here are our latest tweets on the weather.

Rapidly deepening low to bring rain, severe gales and storm surge, flooding possible (+10 Maps)

DETAILED UPDATE --- Severe Weather Warnings have been issued for Norfolk island and many parts of New Zealand due to an incoming and rapidly deepening low.