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Heavy rain causes flooding in Greymouth (+3 PHOTOS)

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Heavy rain yesterday, overnight and this morning has lead to flooding in Greymouth on the West Coast with more rain coming according to

Despite news of droughts being made official in more places today the heavy rain is too much of a good thing with flooding occuring in the past hour or so.

Over 100mm of rain is possible from this event.

RainWatch - Thursday 11th January 2018

A front lies over the upper South Island today connected into a low pressure system that lies just west of the South Island. High pressure affects the upper North Island and lower South Island.

RainWatch - Wednesday 10th January 2018

A front straddles the upper South Island today, linking into a low pressure system in the Tasman Sea. Meanwhile a high pressure system lies in the South Tasman Sea and another north of the North Island.

RainWatch - Tuesday 09th January 2018

Anticyclonic conditions cover most of New Zealand today, a weak area of high pressure sits off the east coast of the South Island.

Next few days: Rainy weather coming for West Coasters, even Canterbury (+3 Maps)

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Rainy days are coming to the West Coast from today and it may last until Thursday after a dry hot spell of weather there recently

While many parts of the country were dealing with the deep low the West Coast was sunny and hot and closer to 30 degrees.

RainWatch - Monday 08th January 2018

An anticyclone centred in the Tasman Sea spreads a ridge over New Zealand today. A weakening front pushes northwards up the West Coast of the South Island during the day.

For the North Island it's a mainly dry looking picture today, just the chance of a clearing shower this morning in the east.

Saturday's national forecast

Upper North Island

RainWatch - Friday 05th January 2018

A deep and intense low moves from west to east over the North Island during today, winds ahead of this low are strong from the northerly quarter then swinging around to the westerly quarter as the day moves along. Very strong southerlies move into the lower North Island from evening. The South Island sees southerly quarter winds strengthen later today in the east.

RainWatch - Thursday 04th January 2018

A rapidly deeping depression moves southwards today out of the Tasman Sea to lie west of the North Island later this evening / overnight. With this low comes strong winds and heavy rain for the North Island, reaching the upper South Island later today or overnight.

Thursday's national forecast

Upper North Island