South Island

RainWatch - Friday 19th January 2018

Weak high pressure lies over the South Island today while a front draped over the North Island weakens today.

RainWatch - Thursday 18th January 2018

UPDATED 9:51am --- A band of sub-tropical rain is slowly moving over the North Island but it is proving to be patchy with areas of drizzle, moderate rain and isolated heavy downpours.

Rain for the upper North Island today will have heavy falls at times but it's looking more likely to be later today - and a big chunk of it may be out at sea around Northland. 

RainWatch - Wednesday 17th January 2018

A front in the Tasman Sea moves onto the West Coast of the South Island this morning, pushing onto the west of the North Island this evening. This front will bring rain to western regions, possibly heavy. Winds breezy from the northeast over New Zealand tdoay.

Parts of Dunedin surge into the mid 30sC

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It's incredibly hot in the east of the South Island right now with parts of Dunedin up and over 35 degrees C and just a little cooler on the coastline.

Hot weather extends across Otago and Southland once again - and across parts of New Zealand as the north to north east airflow continues.

RainWatch - Tuesday 16th January 2018

A large high is centred out to the east of New Zealand today, meanwhile a low is brewing in the Tasman Sea. These two systems combine to bring a muggy northeasterly airflow over both the North and South Islands.

South of both islands feeling the heat - again (+Live Temperatures)

It's another extra hot day for those in the Deep South of New Zealand with temperatures already climbing into the low to mid 30s across Southland, but also Otago and inland parts of the lower North Island.

The heatwave could see highs today exceeding 35 degrees Celsius in the southern half of the South Island through some valleys.

RainWatch - Monday 15th January 2018

A large high is centred out to the east of New Zealand today pushing a northeasterly airflow over both the North and South Islands.

Lunchtime Sunday: Already over 30 degrees in the South Island, muggy in the North Island

As forecast it's a scorcher today in the southern and eastern sides of the South Island with temperatures into the 30s already.

Parts of Southland have reached 30 degrees this hour, 32 in Central Otago and as high as 33 in Canterbury. says the hottest part of the day is still a few more hours away.

RainWatch - Saturday 13th January 2018

A large high sits out to the east of New Zealand today, a north to northeasterly airflow flows around this high and over the North and South Islands.

RainWatch - Friday 12th January 2018

A low pressure system centred just west of the South Island in the Tasman Sea continues to churn away today feeding a front into the upper South Island.