Weather Video: Current Sea surface temps around NZ stand out on world map

We kick off the first full week of December under more high pressure and mostly dry weather but this week has a few more twists than last week.

We still see a few daytime downpours, again mainly around Central Plateau but a few also possible around Central Otago.

Some farmers are telling that parts of NZ now in a 'Green Drought'

SPECIAL REPORT --- Farmers in Taranaki and Southland - and a handful of other places around New Zealand - are telling one thing right now: "We're in a green drought".

Environment: Keystone Pipeline leaks 800,000 litres of oil in South Dakota

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A total of 210,000 gallons (794936 litres) of oil leaked yesterday from the Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota, the pipeline's operator, TransCanada, said.

"Significant" dry spell developing across NZ, may last into December

Special Update --- Fiordland is a rain forest and is one of the wettest places on earth, but for the next two weeks Milford Sound will have mostly to completely dry weather with temperatures pushing well into the mid 20s this weekend.

Iran/Iraq: World's deadliest quake of 2017, over 450 killed, 7000 injured

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At least 452 people were killed and thousands injured after a powerful earthquake struck near the border of Iran and Iraq late Sunday.

Melbourne Cup - it's a cold day in Melbourne! The forecast:

It's a cold day in Melbourne with the temperature as of noon NZT just 13 degrees and the high only around 14 or 15 today.

While cloud is expected any remaining light showers are clearing away as an enormous high pressure system rolls in.

Stray iceberg stuns researchers on Macquarie Island

A large iceberg has been spotted off the coast of Macquarie Island this week. While it's not unheard of to see icebergs from Antarctica this far north, it's certainly not something that researchers based on the island get to see every year.

Japan: Tropical Storm Saola may brush Tokyo (+Maps)

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Late season Tropical Storm Saola is today located in the south of Japan and is tracking north-westward. It is expected to swing north east over the next few days.

Saola has already brought rain and strong winds to Okinawa.

Ancient skull may belong to earliest known tsunami victim

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An ancient skull dating back more than 6,000 years may have belonged to the earliest known human victim of a tsunami, scientists say.

Typhoon Lan churning through Japan

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Typhoon Lan has weakened below Super Typhoon status but still has the ability to generate flooding rain and damaging wind and erode coasts across Japan during Sunday and Monday.