Video: Ex-Cyclone Cook affecting Mt Maunganui

Ex-Cyclone Cook churned through the Bay of Plenty across Thursday afternoon. The deep air pressure out at sea is a bit like dropping a rock in a pond - it sends ripples outwards and in the case of a cyclone it creates huge building swells.

Tropical trouble brings travel trouble for Easter travellers Thurs & Fri

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ExCyclone Cook is about to bring heavy rain and gales to many parts of New Zealand. Even if only for a few hours there's enough energy with the system to cause problems for travellers.

Video: Cyclone Cook to affect most of NZ, landfall likely Thursday

Cyclone Cook was a Category 1 cyclone earlier today but was this afternoon downgraded to an ex-cyclone. This is a technical change and the storm remains dangerous.

Concerns increase as Cook's track shifts closer to all major centres in New Zealand (+5 Maps)

Reliable computer models are fine tuning their forecasts and the latest on where Cook may make landfall shifts it closer to Auckland and Coromandel Peninsula and sends even more rain over flood hit Bay of Plenty.

Weather Video: Cyclone Cook’s likely track to NZ

Cyclone Cook has cleared New Caledonia and is now weakening slowly but also heading directly towards New Zealand’s North Island.

Australia: Possible Tropical Cyclone threat for Darwin

Australia's late-season cyclone surge continues this week and Darwin may be impacted in the coming days.

As Cyclone Ernie wanders off into the Indian Ocean without having impacted Australia's mainland, another system is brewing to the north of the country.

Cyclone Cook - The latest tracking and situation for New Zealand (+Maps)

Cyclone Cook crossed New Caledonia last night as Severe Category 3 cyclone, today it's weakened to a Category 2 system and will continue to weaken as it tracks south.

But what exactly does "weaken" mean in this scenario? And why all the warnings of flooding if Cook is so small?

Cyclone Cook's "S" shaped journey over New Caledonia tonight, then on to New Zealand (+Maps)

DETAILED UPDATE (Updated 4:23pm NZT) --- Severe Tropical Cyclone Cook has made landfall in New Caledonia as a Category 3 storm.  It will cross New Caledonia tonight then it's on to New Zealand where a direct hit is looking increasingly possible around East Cape.

Bob McDavitt - Cook showing signs of being faster than Bola

UPDATED 4:54pm --- Iconic New Zealand meteorologist Bob McDavitt says while Cook has some similarities to Bola, especially as it was forming, the latest data is suggesting it won't linger like Bola did - and that is better news for those in the North Island.

Special Weather Video: Cyclone Cook is aiming for New Zealand

The second tropical cyclone in a week is heading directly towards New Zealand and while it will lose its technical cyclone status before arriving here on Thursday and Friday it’s going to bring more flooding rains to the North Island especially.