VIDEO: Philip Duncan talks about Cyclone Yasi

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#Yasi -- head weather analyst discusses what Yasi means for Queensland, whether it will affect New Zealand and the possible damage expected.

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Just how big IS cyclone Yasi?

Filed in: has taken this image to show just how wide Severe Cyclone Yasi is.

We created a screen shot that captured a 1500km length of Queensland's coastline - this is the same length as New Zealand is from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

Severe Tropical Cyclone Wilma now Cat 4

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Severe Tropical Cyclone Wilma is now a Cat 4 cyclone says the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre.

Winds are now sustained at almost 215km/h with gusts to 260km/h.

The air pressure is an incredibly low 940hPa.

Wilma is the first cyclone this season to reach Category 4 status.

Rare Image - Eye of Cyclone near NZ

Filed in: took this image this afternoon from Google Earth showing a rare sight for Kiwis -the eye of a severe cyclone only the length of New Zealand away from us (1400kms).

The cyclone is currently a Category 3 cyclone but in the coming 12 hours it is likely to become a Category 4 storm.

Tropical Cyclone Wilma heading towards upper NI (+Maps)

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Severe Tropical Cyclone Wilma has strengthened further this morning with the Fiji Meteorological Service predicting she will now reach Category 4 strength in the coming 24 hours.

Category 4 cyclones are considered "very severe" with winds gusting between 225km/h and 279km/h.

The remnants of Wilma are predicted to reach New Zealand on Saturday or Sunday.

Cyclone season roars into life (+Maps)

Filed in: has the latest on three areas of concern north of New Zealand.

Severe Tropical Cyclone Wilma - South Pacific Ocean
Severe Tropical Cyclone Wilma is now a Category 3 storm as she tracks directly towards New Zealand from the north east, says the Fiji Meteorological Service.

Cyclone central north of New Zealand

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Two new cyclones formed over the weekend in the tropics north of New Zealand as the 2011 cyclone season gets fully underway.

To the north east of Australia category one cyclone "Anthony" has formed.  The cyclone will be of huge concern for Queenslanders despite the initial tracking showing the tropical storm moving away from the coastline and heading out into the Coral Sea.

Tropical Cyclone Wilma forms - future track points towards NZ

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Tropical Cyclone Wilma formed last night east of Samoa and long range computer models show the remnants of the cyclone are likely to pass northern New Zealand towards the end of this coming working week.

Wilma is currently category 1 status with sustained winds at 65km/h but the Fiji Meteorological Service says the sustained winds will rise closer to 100km/h by midnight tonight.

ZELIA LATEST: Norfolk Is to be hit tonight; Still Cat 3

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Severe Tropical Cyclone Zelia remains at a Category 3 status late this afternoon however the storm is predicted to weaken fairly quickly overnight tonight according to various forecasters. says the severe cyclone is about 1000kms north west of Cape Reinga as of 5pm.

Zelia upgraded to "Severe" Tropical Cyclone

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Tropical Cyclone Zelia has been upgraded further overnight to a category 3 storm, making her now a "severe" tropical storm reports

The storm is expected to maintain category 3 status for another 24 hours before dropping to category 1 again once she leaves the tropics and passes over cooler waters in the Tasman Sea according to Australia's Bureau of Meteorology.