Cyclone Carlos downgraded...for now

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The tropics between western Australia and Samoa are now in full swing with two tropical storms currently active and another one about to develop north of New Zealand this weekend predicts

Cyclone still likely to form north of NZ next week

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Mother Nature has been brutal this summer to a number of South West Pacific nations but it appears she may be about to spare populated places from devastation despite a large scale cyclone predicted to develop.

The models over the past 36 hours have been fairly consistent although the path has changed slightly, predicting it will track much faster to the south east.  Earlier it looked as though it would track slowly to the south south east.

Cyclone Carlos forms over Darwin

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A tropical storm has today developed into a tropical cyclone just 3kms from the centre of Darwin reports  The cyclone, which is named Carlos, brought floods and destructive winds to the city overnight local time.

The cyclone currently is a category 1 storm but is expected to strengthen to category 2 strength overnight.

Significant new cyclone threat emerging


Long range computer models, which accurately predicted Cyclone Yasi's exact path and strength up to to 10 days in advance, are now picking a new cyclone is going to form directly north of New Zealand in the next 7 days reports

Risk of cyclone activity north of NZ

After a calm week since Cyclone Yasi sucked the energy out of the tropics north of New Zealand the weather seems to be re-energising reports

The Fiji Meteorlogical Service today says while the next two days show no chance of tropical storm development on Saturday there is a 5 to 20% chance of cyclone developing.

New Cyclone threat for Australia?

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The GFS long range weather maps, used by New Zealand and Australian forecasters but produced in America, are picking that a new cyclone may hit northern Australia early next week says

Cyclone season much busier than usual for NZ

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It's been a long time since New Zealand saw so many tropical cyclones in our waters - but 2011 will go down as one of our busiest cyclone seasons ever predicts

In less than a month four tropical cyclones have entered New Zealand waters with all of them having some type of severe weather impact on the country. 

Cyclone season peaking around now

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The south west Pacific cyclone season is now at its peak says

The weather news authority says February is often considered the middle of the cyclone season which runs from November to April.

Despite a very weak cyclone named Zaka, forming north east of New Zealand today, the tropics are looking quiet at the moment.

Brief new cyclone forms near NZ

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A cyclone that will be very short lived formed overnight north east of New Zealand.  The cyclone - which was not predicted to form by cyclone authorities in Fiji - is currently a weak category 1 tropical cyclone called Zaka.  It is not expected to strengthen much further and is unlikely to remain a cyclone for the rest of today.

So, when's the next cyclone?

"It's highly likely we haven't seen the end of the tropical storms and this years cyclone season may last longer than April" -