Weather Video: Storms ease & high pressure dominates NZ, Aussie faces severe weather

The run of high pressure continues around New Zealand as we head into the weekend and next week - however the major daily downpours will ease tonight in the South Island then finally in the North Island on Saturday evening.

New Zealand's risk of severe weather diminishes today as Australia's risk soars (+7 Maps)

For the first time in a week the chances of severe weather in New Zealand is reducing while over the ditch Australia is bracing for a significant storm to kick off the first day of summer on the meteorological calendar, with a potential tropical cyclone soon after.

Thunderstorms return to both islands of NZ - track live here

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It's another rumbly day inland across both islands as daytime heating produces thunderstorms and towering clouds with big downpours.

Once again today's downpours come with the risk of localised severe thunderstorms, hail and flash/surface flooding.


Wednesday's Thunderstorm risks for New Zealand in Maps:

As of late morning downpours were again rapidly forming through inland areas of both islands with thunderstorms expected to kick off from lunchtime and peak yet again into the afternoon and evening.

Deluges, thunderstorms and even hail and flooding risks are all associated with these intense but slow moving storm cells.

Thunderstorms return to South Island, expand across North Island

UPDATED 2:30pm --- Thunderstorms and very heavy rain continues to expand over the Central North Island, Hawke's Bay Ranges and Wairarapa region this afternoon as new thunderstorms flare up over the ranges of the Upper South Island west of Kaikoura.

Another chance of further Flash Flooding on Monday in both islands (& maybe all week) +Map +3Photos

Torrential downpours in Central Otago caused flash flooding around Roxburgh and says the conditions that created this weather are with New Zealand for at least 7 more days, if not longer.

Special double weather Video: NZ's spring blast - what is coming this week?

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In Monday’s special double video we track Hurricane Irma and the spring blast currently hitting New Zealand with hail, snow, thunder and blustery winds.

The week ahead is looking milder as winds shift westerly and then more nor’west later in the week. More rain and showers are coming though - and more winds.

Video: Deep low for NZ this weekend + track Hurricane Irma

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A very deep low is approaching New Zealand on Saturday but will rapidly weaken as we head into Sunday.

It will bring more rain to the western side of both islands with perhaps the bulk of the rain crossing much of the North Island.

VIDEO with Philip Duncan: Spring blast for NZ and Hurricane Irma turns deadly

We’re tracking two systems again today, the classic spring blast around New Zealand and Category 5 Hurricane Irma which is churning through the Caribbean.

Firstly, in New Zealand the next two days will see more of the same - rain and showers in the west of both islands with isolated squalls, hail and thunder, most likely on the West Coast.

Deep low to cross southern New Zealand on Saturday, colder Sunday for many

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The centre of a very deep low in the Southern Ocean will cross/brush southern New Zealand on Saturday with various computer models agreeing the air pressure will be in the 960 hPa range for a time (deeper air pressure means the low is spinning faster and becoming more powerful).