What are conditions like where you are?

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We're keen to hear from our readers across New Zealand today as we track the incoming severe weather.

Don't forget to tell us your location, weather observations, and any weather related damage/incidents.

Post a comment below!

NI Severe Thunderstorm Watch

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UPDATED 11:34am to include the Far North, Great Barrier IslandCoromandel Peninsula -- as well as Auckland, Northland, Waikato, Waitomo, King Country and Taranaki are today under Severe Thunderstorm Watch - the precursor to a likely, and fairly rare, severe thunder

Taranaki & Wanganui Severe Thunderstorm Warning - LIFTED

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12:22pm - Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Taranaki & Wanganui LIFTED - Watch remains in place for further storms.

Watch Live:  Monitor the thunderstorms with NZ's only free and live Lightning Tracker

Autumn Arrives! - Rain, Snow, Gale warnings issued

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The government forecaster has issued a number of wind, snow and rain warnings as Autumn finally roars into life across New Zealand.

Full warnings below, issued by Metservice, as of Saturday evening.

Severe gales for central NZ overnight

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Gale force winds will rise to severe gale (120km/h) overnight tonight through central predicts the government forecaster, which today issued wind warnings for lower North Island and upper South Island regions.

Thunderstorms moving across western NZ tonight

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Thunderstorms are tonight moving into western parts of New Zealand, mainly Taranaki, Wanganui, Manawatu, Nelson and the West Coast - watch for squalls, sudden torrential downpours and a low risk of tornadoes (EF0 or EF1 rating).

Waikato and Waitomo are also at risk of thunderstorms this evening, although severe ones are not expected.

Auckland Civil Defence - Tornado update

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The Auckland Civil Defence Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) has transitioned from response to recovery following the tornado that struck Albany yesterday afternoon.

If people require welfare assistance or information about buildings or properties damaged by the tornado they can call 0800 463 010.

Students due just minutes after tornado

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The tornado struck Glenfield College and scattered pine trees across a road just minutes before students would have been walking underneath them.

Glenfield College principal Ted Benton said no one was injured at the school but the outcome could have been much worse.

"We were very lucky no one was out on the road."

Auckland Civil Defence - Tornado update

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The latest information regarding death toll, injuries, road closures, bus timetables, power outages and damage from Auckalnd Civil Defence, issued 11:05pm, Tuesday.

Tornado risk abates but rough weather not finished

Filed in: and Metservice forecasters have this evening both downgraded the chance of further serious tornados following today's likely EF2 rated tornado.

Earlier today estimated winds were averaging 200km/h within the Albany tornado but this evening raised that wind speed to 220km/h after more damage reports came in.