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Earthquake increases midge problem

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Annoying insects are finding still pools of water left by the Canterbury earthquake a good place to live

An annoying side-effect of the Christchurch earthquake.

It appears to have led to an increase in the numbers of insects in some areas.

Canterbury has both warmest and coldest weather

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Canterbury today did something most regions could never do - it had both the nation's highest and lowest maximum temperatures.

In today's Daily Highs revealed that Hanmer Springs hit 25 degrees - sharing it with Alexandra in Central Otago - while Lyttleton reached just 15 degrees.

NIWA - NZ Glaciers receiving more snow

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More snow fell on the top of key South Island glaciers than melted last summer, increasing the overall amount of snow at the top, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research's (Niwa) annual end-of-summer survey showed.

But, there was still a general shrinking of some of the South Island's largest glaciers, snow and ice scientist Jordy Hendrikx said.

Family home lost to earthquake

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A Christchurch homeowner whose one of just 16 in the region whose land won't be fixed by the Earthquake Commission says his life is still up in the air.

Tour of Southland

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The PowerNet Tour of Southland is back November 1st to November 6th.

Traditionally the Tour of Southland cycle race is dogged by rough weather – which to be fair is part of the event’s charm.

Key weather days include Monday afternoon for the trip up to Bluff Hill and Wednesday around the south coast to Tuatapere – wind often plans havoc in both.

VIDEO: CCTV footage of strong Christchurch Aftershock

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#eqnz - Halswell Superliquor in Christchurch has uploaded footage from two of their CCTV cameras capturing Tuesday morning's strong 5.0 quake.  Scientists say the quake felt more like a 7.0 quake on the surface.

However unlike the minute long 7.1 quake on September 4, this quake only lasted around 15 seconds.

Exclusive Photos (5) - Fresh damage photos from strong aftershock

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Photos of fresh quake damage have come in following this morning's strong 5.0 quake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand.

Scientists say the quake would've felt similar to the 7.1 quake last month, however this quake went for about a quarter of the time.

Photos have come in of new liquefaction in Christchurch.

Photos provided by Alex Mitchell

New Christchurch earthquake "Felt as big as the 7.1 quake" (Photo)

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PHOTOS (59) of Canterbury quake

Reports are flooding in of items falling over, minor damage and buildings evacuated in Christchurch, New Zealand, following a strong, shallow, quake late this morning NZT.

10,000 customers in the CBD lost power for around 15 minutes following the quake while phone lines also were cut.

The Riccarton Mall was evacuated after parts of the ceiling broke free (see photo below).  

Cool Video: Kite surfers in high winds on Lake Wakatipu

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The strong northerly predicted for Otago arrived bang on time at Glenorchy over the weekend.

High winds at the head of Lake Wakatipu whipped up sand from the Dart and Rees Valleys creating a mini dust storm.

Kite surfers in the area made the most of the conditions - all caught on this incredible short video, send int by wowstockfootage.

Squally southerly to move up mainland

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Thunderstorms and hail are more than a possibility over parts of the eastern South Island later today.
A front is expected to be brief but bring a very gusty southerly change, with a sharp drop in temperature and snow expected to lower again over Banks Peninsula.