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Reports of thunderstorms coming in

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There are reports of thunderstorms coming in this afternoon across Waikato and other central and north eastern parts of the North Island.

Latest rain radar shows heavy showers moving across Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay and Gisborne.

See the live and free Lightning Tracker here.

Where's summer gone?

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While across the ditch temperatures soar into the mid 40s here in New Zealand some centres aren't even making it into the teens as one weather system, responsible for both extremes, remains firmly in place in the Tasman Sea.

A cold air flow across New Zealand is bringing southerlies to the nation and some centres are reflecting temperatures more common in the middle of the year rather than the middle of summer.

A breather now but more rough weather coming

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The past few days have seen gales, rain, sun, heat, cold, snow and thunder...but today things have temporarily calmed down.  Most North Island centres are only around the 20 degree mark with no one above 21 degrees.

In the South Island the recent cold change is still being felt with a number of southern and western regions still in single digits at noon, more like early July than early January.

However warmer weather is on the way - but it will be at a cost.  Rain and wind warnings are again back in the forecast.

Average summer forecast

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It's possibly no surprise to many in the west and south of New Zealand but NIWA is predicting we can expect an average summer with a fair bit of wind.

Conditions in January, February and March, were likely to be similar to what they were in December for most of the country, with all regions to experience average or below average temperatures, Niwa scientists said yesterday.

Weather Fail

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Have you ever sat at home waiting for a huge weather event that's been predicted to happen?

One that's got you all excited, whether it's a thunderstorm?  Or high winds?  Or rain that'll threaten our very existence?  Only for it to not happen?

BLOG: One high causing problems in NZ & Australia

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By Philip Duncan

One area of high pressure in the Tasman Sea is ruining summer holidays for people in both New Zealand and Australia at the moment.

Eastern Australia has certainly had some hot, dry, weather this summer but they've also had their fair share of heavy rain. Rain warnings have been issued and floods have occurred.

Global warming - 00's warmest decade on record

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The noughties were the warmest decade on record in New Zealand, although last year was cooler than average, latest climate figures from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) show.

The years 2000-2009 were slightly warmer than the 1980s, which were previously the warmest decade on record and now ranked second ahead of the 1970s and 1990s.

A calmer, cooler, day

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The gale or near-gale winds that affected much of New Zealand have eased back significantly for most places today with more sun in the west too.  However temperatures aren't as fierce as they were yesterday with a south easterly change along the east coast replacing the hot nor'wester.

Weather photo of the day

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With the changeable weather we've been having lately it's made for some fantastic clouds across the country.

Regular photo contributer, Zelda Wynn, snapped this fantastic shot of the clouds high above West Auckland.

"Briefly these cloud shapes appeared in the Western sky before they vanished into thin air as the sun set" says Zelda. The photo was taken at 7.43pm 3rd January 2010.

Strong winds make camping tough today

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Today's weather certainly isn't ideal for campers across the country as winds reach gale or near-gale in a number of main centres and regions.

The following centres have gale or near gale force winds at times this hour: