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BLOG : The low that's taking forever

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I feel like it's been days since the cloud cover rolled in and we started talking about this large storm in the Tasman Sea.  Yesterday's foggy conditions, most noticeable in Auckland, wouldn't have happened if the low had been on time - with winds to blow the fog away.

John Key stranded by weather

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The Prime Minister was among hundreds of air passengers who had travel plans disrupted by fog yesterday. Morning flights were cancelled around the country and airlines spent the rest of the day battling to get their schedules back on track.

About 25 flights from Auckland were cancelled and several were unable to land before the fog cleared about 11am.

Rare high recorded in NZ Friday

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Alexandra in Central Otago recorded an incredibly rare high for NZ today of zero degrees.  In contrast northern NZ peaked near 20 thanks to a moist northerly flow.

See all the highs across New Zealand today in our Daily Highs section.

Both islands will feel impact of low

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A large low predicted to arrive late this weekend is likely to bring severe weather to both islands according to

Latest computer models show the low spreading into New Zealand during Saturday with heavier rain arriving on Sunday in northern and western parts of both islands - especially the North Island.

Next system to affect both islands

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Low pressure that today has formed in the Tasman Sea is expected to grow into a large system by the weekend bringing torrential rain, gales and possibly heavy snow.

Heavy rain is likely across northern and western parts of both islands while strong to gale north easterlies spread over a number of regions. 

This mornings extremes

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Which centre is warmest, coldest, windiest and calmest as of mid-morning?

Dramatic change in weather ahead

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It's becoming clear to forecasters that the frosty, sunny, weather is shortly about to end and be replaced by a very large low pressure system that should see warmer, wetter and windier weather for the remainder of June.

Frosts: your days are numbered!

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For the short term future the widespread frosts are about to end thanks to a northerly change late in the week with potential flooding rains possibly on the way for the weekend.

"Worst in 20 years"; Icy weather grips NZ

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The severe frosts are starting to make headlines as "the worst in 20 years" from the upper South Island to Waikato and Auckland.   While it's unclear if factual at this early stage some residents in the upper North Island are reporting the frosts are the worst they've seen since the 1980s.

Big frosts for some; Auckland colder than most main centres

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Auckland city has again woken to a big frost, one of several over the past few weeks, along with many other regions right across the country.

As predicted by the Weather Watch Centre last week the southerly flow would continue over New Zealand until mid way through this week. 

So which places were the coldest around sunrise?