Severe Cyclone Donna tracking southwards and speeding up

There's a good chance Cyclone Donna may have peaked this morning following data from the US Government that suggested Donna temporarily spiked into Category 5 status with winds gusting to 260km/h and peak waves of 10 metres.

Weather Video: Cyclone Donna tracking towards New Caledonia & NZ

Severe Cyclone Donna was category 4 status on Monday morning and according to CNN has spiked at Category 5 later Monday morning.  

Donna has finally made her turn southwards and was picking up speed as she heads directly towards eastern New Caledonia.

Donna strengthens back to Cat 4 again overnight, now tracking south

Updated 8:48am NZT --- Severe Tropical Cyclone Donna was upgraded back to a Category 4 storm and is now the most intense it's been with air pressure falling to 948hPa according to the Fiji Met Service.

After sound 'bouncy' tracking at the end of last week and into the weekend the tropical cyclone has finally turned south.

CNN tracks Severe Tropical Cyclone Donna (via 4 weather graphics)

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Back to Cat 3 out at sea, Donna's turning towards New Caledonia

Severe Cyclone Donna is back to a Category 3 storm after being upgraded to a Category 4 storm overnight and earlier this morning. Despite the category changes the storm itself hasn't changed much, it's simply hovering around the threshold between these two categories used to measure the strength of a tropical cyclone.

The Fiji Met service says Donna's air pressure is now 960hPa.

Severe Cyclone Donna upgraded to a Category 4 tropical storm

Severe Cyclone Donna has been upgraded to a Category 4 tropical storm (the maximum is 5) as the low tracks further away from Vanuatu and into open waters.

Donna will still be tracking along Vanuatu's western side but further out to sea, which at this stage will limit severe weather in Vanuatu itself.

Cyclone Donna hurdles around Vanuatu, New Caledonia now at greater risk (+Maps)

UPDATED 9:45am Saturday NZT --- Severe Cyclone Donna remains a Category 3 tropical storm with central air pressure down to 968hPa.

Donna seems to have a bit of a groove on, bouncing north and south in a wave fashion as it snaked just north of Vanuatu yesterday to lie north west of the island nation this morning.

Donna's 'wobbling' positive news for Vanuatu, remains a serious situation this weekend

UPDATED 9:33pm Friday NZT--- Severe Tropical Cyclone Donna remains category 3 status with air pressure of 975hPa at the centre but is wobbling north and south as it tracks around Vanuatu.

Winds may gust up to 250km/h according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (US Government, which provides official global data for tropical storms).

Cyclone Donna: Immediate storm threat to Vanuatu, possible rain threat to NZ next week (+Maps)

Tropical Cyclone Donna formed east of Vanuatu Wednesday night and was Thursday morning (NZT) upgraded to a Category 2 cyclone, likely to reach Severe Category 3 status by Friday morning.

Donna poses a serious threat to Vanuatu with the tracking likely to impact much of the nation as the storm intensifies, bringing flooding rains, damaging winds and damaging storm surges.

Special Weather Video: Cyclone Donna heads to Vanuatu, then maybe NZ as rain event

In this special update we track both the upcoming weekend weather and the sudden development of Cyclone Donna which is about to hit Vanuatu, likely as a "Severe" cyclone over a number of days.

Meanwhile at the same time in New Zealand we're dealing with an incoming anti-cyclone for Friday, the weekend and early next week.