Cyclone Yasi: Amazing photos coming through of damage

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Amazing photos of damage are coming through in the wake of Intense Tropical Cyclone Yasi which hit Queensland on Wednesday.

The photos have come in to ABC News.

We've reposted one of them, but to see the full gallery please click the image below.

Severe Weather for Victoria again - warnings issued

An almost stationary trough over the southeast is bringing heavy rain and severe storms throughout much of Victoria.

The remnants of Tropical Cyclone Yasi brought large amounts of moisture into the interior and southeast, which enhanced storm development.

A Severe Weather Warning for flash flooding was issued earlier today for all districts.

Stormchaser looks into cyclone's heart

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A New Zealand stormchaser has told how he tied himself to a tree, strapped on a helmet and lifejacket then went into the core of Cyclone Yasi to take pictures.

"It was fierce. Three-hundred-kilometre winds were whipping around, pulling trees out of the ground and debris was flying everywhere," said cameraman Geoff Mackley.

"It was wild. It was pretty incredible for about five or six hours."...

So, when's the next cyclone?

"It's highly likely we haven't seen the end of the tropical storms and this years cyclone season may last longer than April" -

Kiwi connection to Yasi

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A Westport couple unable to escape Cairns before Cyclone Yasi hit overnight felt so safe in their hotel they slept, then watched the huge storm from their balcony.

Geoff and Vonny Bruning's flight to Sydney was cancelled yesterday morning, forcing them to return to their seaside hotel at Trinity Beach, about 20km northeast of Cairns.

Animation: Yasi as it forms and then hits Queensland

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Animation of Tropical Cyclone Yasi as it forms and starts to impact the Queensland Coast. It passed directly over the Willis Island radar which allowed the Eye to be clearly seen by the radar and satellite imagery

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VIDEO: Philip Duncan with the latest on Cyclone Yasi

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As Cyclone Yasi continues to move across inland Queensland weather analyst Philip Duncan talks about what happened earlier this morning, what the potential is for another cyclone behind Yasi and where the storm is heading now.

LATEST: Cyclone Yasi weakens further (+Maps)

#YASI -- Cyclone Yasi has been downgraded further to a category 2 tropical cyclone, reduced from the category 5 it reached last night.

However says the winds are still destructive - and despite the wind easing the rain will not, with torrential rain continuing to fall across much of Queensland.

Australia's Bureau of Meteorology says Yasi will continue to weaken as it moves in a west-southwesterly direction towards the Georgetown area during the morning.

As of 10am NZT winds were gusting to 155km/h, down from 205km/h at 8am and down from 295km/h at 3am.

Full details below...

89,000 without power, 6 people trapped, "This is only the beginning"

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Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi is nearing landfall and Queensland Preimier Anna Bligh has told Queenslanders that "this is only the beginning" of this cyclone's power.

Record breaking wave near Townsville dramatically eclipsed

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#YASI -- BREAKING NEWS -- Queensland Premier Anna Bligh says a wave has tonight broken the record books again - just hours after the record had previously been broken.

On Wednesday afternoon a wave measuring 6.6 metres was recorded off the coast of Townsville.  At the time it was biggest wave in the area since records began in the 1970s.