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Northland, Auckland, Coromandel Peninsula, Waikato, Waitomo, Bay of Plenty, Taupo
Monday/Anzac Day:  Rain with heavy falls, heavier this afternoon and overnight with the risk of an isolated thunderstorm. East to north east winds becoming gusty by night. Mild.

Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa
Monday/Anzac Day: Cloudy, showers turning to rain later in the day, especially in the north and about the ranges - heavy rain possible at night.

Taranaki, Manawatu, Wanganui, Taranaki, Kapiti, Horowhenua, Wellington
Monday/Anzac Day:  Rain, heavy at times, with a late cold southerly or south easterly change moving in to Wellington later this afternoon and elsewhere overnight.

Nelson, Marlborough.
Monday/Anzac Day: Rain easing to showers.

West Coast
Monday/Anzac Day:  Mostly sunny and dry, south to south east winds.

Canterbury, Otago:
Monday/Anzac Day:  Cloudy periods along the coast with a bitterly cold south to south east change. A few showers with that cold change and snow on the mountains and sleet on the hills around Christchurch and Dunedin. Highs only around 8 to 12 degrees.

Monday/Anzac Day:  A couple of showers and a cold southerly.  

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The easter weekend forecast

The easter weekend forecast shows anzac day..? please update

Beautiful sunny day

Yay a beautiful sunny day with Lovely mixed cloud displays.


Christchurch is warm again today. No sign of showers ?

Persistent drizzly rain in Tauranga since 4pm Thursday

There has been persistent drizzly rain in Tauranga since 4pm Thursday, as of 10am Friday it is still drizzling - certainly not what you would consider to be an isolated shower. It has been mostly light drizzle, but on some occasions the drizzle has been reasonably heavy.

I think this might be one of the rare occasions where you have got the forecast wrong - is there a thin stationary convergence zone over Tauranga or something??

Hi there, yes a small trough

Hi there, yes a small trough is passing over Tauranga - few heavy showers also moving in to Auckland.  It's a little more widespread than we predicted, so apologies for that.  Looks like it will move through this morning though.  We knew there was an increased shower risk today but the band of showers is certainly a little larger than we predicted unfortunately!

- WeatherWatch Weekends

thank you for the great job

thank you for the great job you do but I dont like the out look for next week just when we want fine weather


any forecast for fri sat sun this week for the caves area

Waitomo is now specifically

Waitomo is now specifically mentioned in the latest forecast above.  Looks like Fri and Sat will be ok, Sun and Mon may not be so flash.

- WW

Easter weekend weather

Easter weekend weather looking great at this stage once this early weeks garbage moves on.

You do a great job WW, but

You do a great job WW, but what's with the Yankie way of predicting rain or showers - chance of showers 30%, come on we are Kiwis, it's either goiung to shower/rain or not, doesn't matter if it's 10% or 100%, it's either going to or not.
Keep up the great work otherwise.


Hi David, Thanks for the

Hi David,

Thanks for the comment.  The chance of rain is designed to cover an entire region, not just one place/location.  You're quite right, it's either going to rain or it's not, but covering a whole region - say Auckland - it's quite relevant.  We can have showers forecast for the city but only a 30% chance - that basically means that 30% of the region will receive showers, so we assume that much of the city will be dry.  If it was 70% you know there is a much higher chance of getting wet in a shower.  The other method behind the percentage is due to past, similar, weather events.  The computers say 'well the last time we had a front coming in from this angle with a low of this depth attached to it, this far or close to Auckland, we had a 30% accuracy rate'....therefore we believe rain is unlikely this time - so it spits out a 30% confidence number.

We have found the percentages have vastly helped us in predicting rainfall events - while other forecasters blanket a day with the word "rain" if we see a low chance of rain we might say "showers" instead - or say that there will only be a brief period of rain.  It makes our forecasts a bit more descriptive and, we think, more accurate.

Hope that helps - and thanks for your support!

- WeatherWatch Weekends

Totally agree. Chance of

Totally agree. Chance of precipitation is a clear indication on how to prepare for a weather event. Yankee way? Believe it or not they do some things better than us

I like it...

It helps people to be more informed in their decision making - there's a big difference between being 20% sure of rain and being 70% sure. It definitely effects the decisions I make.

Yup. I agree... whats the

Yup. I agree... whats the chance of meatballs?