Dramatic looking severe thunderstorm rumbles over Napier and Hastings (Photos & Video)

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There are some intense downpours around the North Island but Hawke's Bay is currently witnessing the biggest and most dramatic looking one.

Photos and videos are now coming in to our social media pages showing this intense storm.

Remember, when thunder roars, stay indoors.


You can view the live lightning tracker here




What type of thunderstorm was it?

Gidday the WW team. Just a quick question about the thunderstorm that went over Napier & Hastings on the 23rd of Jan - what type of thunderstorm was it - single cell, multi cell, squall line, or super cell? What ya reckon? Gary

Hi GaryIt was a severe

Hi Gary
It was a severe thunderstorm which created a super cell with wall cloud (all from a cumulonimbus cloud). It drifted up the Hawke's Bay coastline from Napier/Hastings area to Wairoa area. Was a lot of thunder within the cloud, but it didn't seem to cause many problems on the ground - just a great view!


Phil D