Video: A cool change coming for NZ + latest on Waitangi Day, also temps lower than -50C grip USA

We have a significant cool change arriving on Friday with many in the South Island dropping from the low to mid 30s to the late teens and early 20s, a drop of 10 to 14 degrees for some.

February Tropics Alert: Cyclone risk north of NZ set to rapidly rise (+4 Maps)

There's a fairly high chance that conditions north of New Zealand in the tropics will be active in the first half of February and while New Zealand won't be directly affected at this stage it looks as though there may be some tropical energy around some populated places.

Hotter than normal weather moves around on Tuesday, we detail who gets it & who misses out (+2 Maps)

It's been a hot day across New Zealand with temperatures reaching the mid 30s and reliable private weather stations recording as high as 36 and 37 degrees in some parts of Hawke's Bay and 35 and 36C in some parts of Marlborough.

Video: Auckland/Nelson Anniversary weather + A special 14 day Rainfall outlook as NZ dries out

We have a special video today as we take an extra extended 14 day look at rainfall across New Zealand now that some places are very dry.
There may be just 1 to 5mm of rain for some over the next half month, we break down where rain is least likely.
We also have a detailed look at the forecast this weekend not only for NZ but also the extra

Tropics north of NZ fairly quiet for rest of January, stormier in northern Australia

The tropics directly north of New Zealand is much quieter compared to a year ago with no major storms likely to develop over the rest of January in the NZ area.

There are some areas of interest, mostly in northern Australia which has already had a few cyclones affect them this season.

Your official 2018 Christmas Forecast! (+Map for Dec 25th)

*UPDATED Monday --- It's the countdown to Christmas Day! Here's the latest forecast for New Zealand on December 25th.

Special Weather Video: Christmas Day, next week + the map for New Year’s Eve

In our final video of 2018 we track the series of rain makers drifting past New Zealand from the north and how this will impact some people over the weekend and on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

The forecast for Christmas Day remains ‘one to monitor’

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While most of New Zealand looks set to have a dry Christmas Day a potential low/rainmaker in the north is one to monitor. The low is connected to a few other systems which will drag rain in this weekend to the country from the north west of NZ.

Unusual Cyclone Owen now 'severe', flooding for Australia likely but storm unlikely to directly affect NZ (+6 Maps)

Cyclone Owen is now a Severe Category 3 Tropical Cyclone and Australian forecasters say it may peak at Category 4 today before making landfall in northern Australia and then sliding down the Queensland coast as a significant rain event.

Weather Video: NZ is under a rare ‘high pressure donut’ - watch for downpours

New Zealand is currently being affected by a very rare set up - a large belt of high pressure with a small low perfectly in the middle of it. It's a bit like a high pressure donut - which sounds like Homer Simpson's ultimate dream.