Sunday's national forecast

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Another settled day across NZ with morning cloud and fog patches and then fairly sunny and warm. However a cold front is slowly approaching from the Southern Ocean and this will see a nor'wester develop ahead of it later today in the south (the front doesn't arrive until Tuesday).

Australia: Twin Cyclones to make landfall, 1 year's worth of rain likely near Alice Springs in 48 hours

Detailed Update +6 Maps +1 Video) --- Two major tropical cyclones will make landfall in Australia this weekend and while they will make landfall in fairly remote places there are well over 30,000 people in the direct path and some major tourist spots too.

VIDEO: Australia - Special Update on Cyclones Trevor and Veronica

Two major tropical cyclones will be making landfall in Australia this weekend, Trevor in NT and Veronica in WA.
Both of these cyclones will be severe and may both reach Cat 5, certainly both will reach Cat 4 strength.
We take a general look across Australia for the next few days ahead, but we also drill down and focus on the specific track

VIDEO: Autumn wakes up and rushes into NZ next week, mild and calm weekend beforehand

The extended summer weather has been welcome by many but as we head into next week there is definitely a change coming.
Today, Thursday March 21st, is the Equinox which means it’s the start of Autumn on the astronomical calendar in the Southern Hemisphere and the start of spring in the north.
While NZ’s weather looks settled for the next f

VIDEO: Cyclones Trevor & now Veronica for remote Australia, Calm & a bit cloudy for NZ

Australia now has two tropical cyclones while New Zealand has high pressure keeping things calm. Cyclone Trevor will affect northern Australia for a few more days and may well strengthen again in the next few days to a Category 4 storm.

Australia: Low near PNG may produce cyclone risk for Northern Queensland next week (+Maps)

Confidence continues to grow that a tropical cyclone will form in the coming days in the northern Coral Sea / Solomon Sea area and drift towards northern or north eastern Queensland mid next week.

NZ's big dry to get bigger and drier as high pressure blocks rainmakers (+7 & 14 day Total Rainfall Maps)

Rainmakers are definitely increasing around the New Zealand area but stubborn high pressure will continue to hold the rain clouds at sea for most (but not all) regions.

Video: Hotter week this week, showers possible end of week

An enormous high pressure system (anticyclone) is crossing New Zealand this week bringing warmer than normal daytime highs pushing up to 30 degrees for some areas in the days ahead.

Some rain in Fiordland will push northwards up the West Coast over the next few days, heaviest falls south of Hokitika.

VIDEO: Cyclone Pola skirts past northern NZ + next week looks hotter for many

Severe Cyclone Pola is close to New Zealand to our north east but is unlikely to get a lot closer due to a powerful high pressure system building over the country.

Severe Cyclone Pola moves south towards NZ but will be blocked by high pressure (+6 Maps)

Cyclone Pola is now a severe Category 3 storm as it churns past Tonga out to sea, around 1900kms north east of Auckland, New Zealand. The storm is tracking southwards away from the equator.