Poll Results: Some parts of NZ need more rain as drier conditions start to show up (+Map)

Results from our recent poll and latest soil moisture maps show some parts of New Zealand are drying out a little faster than usual for this time of the year.

Around one quarter of the those who responded say conditions are now drying out and rain is needed soon.

31% say rain will be needed in the near future based on current conditions.

Video: NZ’s weekend weather & outlook for next week + Typoon Trami closes in on Japan

Warmer nor’westers are moving up New Zealand and most places will enjoy warmer than average temperatures at some point this weekend. Blustery nor’westers will also push into the eastern side of the country and central New Zealand (especially the upper South Island).

Heavy rain on the West Coast may prompt rain warnings.

Weather Video: Warmer weather for NZ + Typhoon Trami nears Japan

NZ has warmer weather on the way, Typhoon Trami nears Japan plus we have an out-of-season tropical cyclone just north west of New Zealand.
Firstly New Zealand’s weather is about to warm up but not before one last cold night on the way tonight.

Wintry weather for some this week but everyone has a mild weekend coming (+9 Maps)

The final week of September will be one of the coldest of the month for some regions but the final weekend looks mild as a typical spring pattern kicks in.

New Super Typhoon looms as death tolls from three recent world tropical storms mount

A new typhoon has formed in the western Pacific Ocean and may become a Super Typhoon over the Philippines Sea with sustained winds well over 220km/h and gusts closer to 300km/h in the coming days. Typhoon Trami is now located between Saipan and Philippines, moving westward at about 20km/h.

Weather Video: A wintry few days ahead then spring warmth for the weekend!

A large low in the Southern Ocean is dredging up very cold air from Antarctica and sending into the lower half of the South Island over the next few days while windier, colder, weather moves into the North Island by Tuesday.

Oz snow: One of the best seasons this century

Australia's snow season looks to have passed its peak depth for the season. So how did 2018 stack up to past years in Australia's alps based on snow depth?

After this week's natural snow depth of 176.5cm at Spencers Creek in NSW, it's likely that the peak of the 2018 season was 224.6cm back in late August.

Mild weekend but wintry Monday in the south, we track the latest on the cold & snow (+6 Maps)

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We have the latest snow forecast maps as a polar change hits southern New Zealand for the start of the working week but before it arrives many regions will enjoy mild weather, although in the north Saturday is kicking off a bit gloomy.

10 FAQs about global and local Tropical Storm news coverage

(This story was originally published on Monday) --- With two major storms impacting a number of nations in recent days a lot of you have asked several questions relating to coverage and why some events get more news than others. We've tried to break it down as simply as possible to make sense of why there isn't even coverage of every tropical storm locally and globally.

Weather Video: Big winter storm to affect parts of New Zealand next week

This weekend is fairly mild in many areas and despite some coastal rain and showers in northern and eastern parts of the North Island, to begin with, Sunday is mostly dry.

The South Island has a cold front arriving in Southland around noon or into the afternoon.