NZ next few days: Windier weather and dangerous seas surging in from the south (+8 Maps)

Autumn is waking up and the next few days ahead see a surge in windier weather with gales in the usual exposed and marine areas and dangerous waves.

The stronger winds will whip up big seas in the south with wave heights exceeding 8 metres.

Cyclone Ann to make landfall in Queensland on Wednesday, we have full details (+7 Maps)

Tropical Cyclone Ann is located over the Coral Sea and continues to churn westwards directly towards the northern Queensland coastline with landfall expected on Wednesday. says Ann remains a Category 1 cyclone with low end damaging winds, heavy rain and dangerous seas.

Aussie's big cool high heading towards NZ next week...sort of (+7 Maps)

An enormous anticyclone (stretching over 4000km wide - the size of Australia) is moving over Australia in the coming days and it's bringing a big cool down for them and will then likely affect New Zealand.

First hints of winter snow now appearing in NZ and Australia forecasts (+2 Maps)

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From a mathematics point of view we are now over 4 months past the longest day of the year, 6 weeks past the equinox (when nights became longer than the days) and in just 6 weeks time it will be the shortest day of the year. In saying that we currently have mild northerlies across NZ creating for warmer than average afternoons.

Thick fog smothers Auckland and Waikato, flights affected

It's a foggy start this morning across the upper North Island with flights now being impacted. forecast the foggy conditions due to centre of high pressure crossing the country overnight and bringing light winds a slightly more humid airflow.

Fog may linger until mid to late morning in some places due to today's set up. Once fog clears it will be mostly sunny.

Much of NZ now entering an extended dry spell (+2 Maps)

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The month of may is kicking off dry for most regions with below average rainfall expected over NZ for the rest of this week, this weekend and through most of next week too.

Sydney's record breaking late-season warm spell is finally about to end

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Sydney's prolonged run of pleasant weather during the last couple of weeks was also the city’s warmest fortnight this late in the season on record, based on consecutive maximum temperatures.

Sydney is forecast to register its 14th consecutive day in the mid-to-high twenties on Friday, with the city forecast to reach a top of 28 degrees.

Freezing air and big waves hit southeastern Australia, NZ's turn on Monday

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A strong cold front is causing damaging winds, powerful surf, showers and snow in parts of southern Australia today.

The front, which is crossing Australia's southeastern states on Friday, is ushering in a large pool of cold air from the Southern Ocean.

VIDEO: Stormy weekend looks set to bring severe weather

A typical Autumn blast is on the way this weekend with the potential for severe rain warnings, wind warnings, snow alerts and marine warnings.

Up to 200mm may fall on the West Coast while eastern parts of the North Island may have highs up to 24 degrees on Saturday under sunny skies and nor’westers.

VIDEO: Autumn cold front for NZ this week + a quick Cyclone Wallace update for WA

We have a typical Autumnal week this week which sees a variety of weather with warmer conditions moving in across the next couple of days for many places before a cold front on Wednesday and Thursday.