Update: Heavy Snowfall maps for New Zealand (x3)

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As the polar change moves across the country rain is falling as snow at higher elevations. While snow is heavy it is higher up and out of most main centres, but centres in Southland, Otago and Canterbury above 300 metres may get a dusting today or tonight.

Saturday's when NZ reaches 'peak cold'...but wait, there's another polar blast next week too? (+4 Maps)

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The incoming cold blast will peak on Saturday across the entire country but it's ahead of another cold blast coming next week.

Asia Weather News: India heat growing, Tokyo rain clearing but both Japan & Korea hotter than normal

The area in central India with day time highs over 45 degrees C is expanding, while warmer than normal weather moves in to South Korea and Japan as heavy slow moving rain finally clears out over the Pacific Ocean.

VIDEO: 11,000km belt of high pressure to be replaced by huge low next week

Make the most of the calmer weather - next week is looking very different. has today revised the width of the high pressure belt currently over New Zealand and Australia and we now estimate it stretches over 11,000km from west to east.

Asia Weather News: India 45+C temps, Tokyo heavy rain, Korea & China 8+C above normal (+Maps)

We have more international weather headlines with heavy rain impacting Japan, hot weather in India and above normal temperatures across north eastern China and Korea.


Heavy rain continues across Japan due to an active cold front progressing eastwards. Rain and high humidity hit Tuesday morning in central Tokyo.

2 million people are at 'high' risk for catastrophic tornadoes in parts of Oklahoma and Texas

For the first time in two years, forecasters have issued their most dire warning for the risk of catastrophic tornadoes.

International Weather Headlines: India heat, Japan rain, big dry across Australia / NZ (+3 maps)

High temperatures are coming for India, more heavy rain for Japan and a huge high pressure system for Australia and NZ means a lot of dry weather in the week ahead.

Here's a quick glance at the weather stories make the news this week around Asia and the Pacific.

Stormy weather to surge past NZ bringing gales and a wintry temperature drop (+4 Maps)

Hold on to your hats - we have Autumn gales and Winter temperatures in the forecast for some parts of New Zealand over the next several days. The windy weather will spread over a large portion of NZ but most exposed will be those in the south and in the usual exposed coastal areas elsewhere. The wind flow is mostly from the South West.

Animation: The two extreme sides of calm highs

Most of us know the centre of high pressure is often calm and settled but the outer edges can be stormy and today that is highlighted well with a tropical cyclone on the northern fringes and an active Autumn cold front on the southern edge of high pressure.

Rain and Snow Maps (x4) for New Zealand covering the next 24, 48 and 72 hours

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A wet westerly flow is moving in to New Zealand bringing a mixture of heavy rain, light showers and snow showers.

The bulk of the rain will be on the West Coast but there will be spillover into Southland and a few other regions, but many others will have showers - and many in the east and north east will be fairly dry.