High pressure slipping away, allows for some rain to move in (+5 Maps)

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An enormous high pressure system (anticyclone) has been affecting New Zealand for 10 days now and will continue to do so for another 24 to 48 hours before finally slipping away out to the east.

Sunday's national forecast - plus a couple of maps

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The forecast for New Zealand today isn't too tricky - we have a lot of high pressure dominating both islands.

There will be a little more cloud in western regions today, especially coastal areas. Fiordland has the chance of a few showers and later in the day a downpour may develop in eastern Otago around the hills/ranges.

What's the difference between rain and showers?

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We're often asked what is the difference between a shower of rain and just rain itself. In a country like New Zealand that is a very good question as we sometimes have showers that turn into rain and rain that turns into showers. It's actually fairly straight forward though!

Video: Fri/Sat look wintry across NZ, Hurricane Michael makes landfall in USA

Thursday is a brief ‘breather day’ before the next main burst of wintry southerlies hits the lower South Island, then spreads up the island for the remainder of Friday and then nationwide overnight and into Saturday.

VIDEO: Cold snowy southerly reaches NZ, peaks Friday + Deadly Hurricane Michael aims for Florida, USA

Temperatures over the next few days across New Zealand will be going from warmer than average to colder than average for most as a significant southerly change moves in.

Cold southerly change for NZ + Hurricane Michael to hit the USA on Friday

A cold spring southerly is about to hit the country but before it arrives some areas will be pushed into the low 20s temperaturewise with sunny conditions.

Indonesia: From bad to worse as tsunami/quake death toll jumps over 1400, now a volcano erupting

There could be just days left to rescue the remaining trapped survivors of Friday's earthquake and tsunami, Indonesia's disaster agency said Wednesday, as the already-high death toll continued to grow.

Indonesia tsunami: Death toll rises sharply as desperation grows

Desperation is growing in the stricken Indonesian city of Palu as residents faced a fifth day with little food or clean drinking water and the official death toll mounted in the wake of Friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Has November's weather pattern already arrived in NZ? (+10 Maps)

Spring weather conditions arrived over a month early in New Zealand this year, now it appears November's weather  pattern has already turned up despite being just a few days into October.

Video: Ex-cyclone remnants to track near NZ + new typhoon threat for Japan

The remnants of an out of season, short lived, early tropical cyclone have formed into a new low and will brush past northern New Zealand over the next two days. Latest data suggests it’s not a storm and that 95% of it will remain offshore, but it may bring in some cloud, swells and showers to Northland and perhaps East Cape area.