Intense downpour and thunderstorm risk this weekend but the front is quite thin (+4 Maps)

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A very narrow but intense area of weather lies just off the western coastline of Northland, Auckland and Waikato as of late Saturday morning and is very slowly tracking eastwards towards land. It will cross over the upper North Island over Saturday PM and then across Sunday.

Temperatures tumble today but soon start to lift (+2 Maps)

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A cold front and southerly has significantly cut temperatures back in the South Island today. Temperatures are markedly low because of the dominant southerly winds and the lack of daytime sunshine.

Maximum temperatures may struggle to even reach 10C in some areas. 

Parts of Canterbury will be over 8 degrees colder than average for mid March.

Showers for north eastern NZ, heavy rain for south western NZ (+4 Maps)

A well-marked cold front from the Southern Ocean lies over Fiordland, bringing persistent rainfall. Rainfall rates in Fiordland and southern Westland will be about 10-20mm/h Monday and into Tuesday morning,
increasing to 20-30mm/h by Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Weather Video: Autumn weather pattern kicks in, huge storm forming in the Southern Ocean

In true March style there is a lot going on around New Zealand weatherwise. Ex-cyclone Linda is now drifting towards northern New Zealand but not deliver any significant weather here other than a bit of cloud and maybe a shower or two in the north.

Cyclone develops over Coral Sea, some remnants may reach northern NZ

A small tropical cyclone has formed in the Coral Sea according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center Tuesday morning. Australian forecasters will be responsible for naming it, which should/may happen today and if so it will be named Linda. Australian forecasters are still only calling it a "tropical low" as of 10am NZDT.

Hola's worst winds at sea, moderate rain spreading south (+6 Maps)

UPDATE --- Cyclone Hola's transition into an extratropical storm is breaking up the portions of severe weather with the worst winds very close to New Zealand but remaining offshore to the east away from people and property for the most part.

Weather Video: Ex-Cyclone Hola brushes NZ tonight, another storm behind it?

Ex tropical cyclone Hola will later today and tonight/overnight brush the upper and eastern half of the North Island bringing a burst of wind and rain.

Full details about how Cyclone Hola may impact New Zealand across Monday (+12 Maps)

EXTENSIVE UPDATE --- UPDATED 5:30am Monday NZDT --- Tropical Cyclone Hola continues to track quickly towards New Zealand and will bring wind and rain across Monday before departing in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Cyclone Hola now heading to New Zealand, main threat is Monday (+8 maps)

UPDATE: Cyclone Hola is over open waters and now directly heading for northern New Zealand. Cloud associated with the storm is already spreading south over the North Island although winds are not expected to really ramp up until Monday.

Hola remains a category 2 cyclone but is weakening today as it rushes south eastwards away from the equator.

Potential rainfall totals for Monday & Tuesday (+4 Maps)

There could be heavy rain in the North Island on Monday and Tuesday morning as Cyclone Hola either tracks over the North Island or nearby.

Rain could extend into a number of regions although totals may not be high for all.