Sunday's national forecast - A cold front sweeps over NZ

Heavy rain moves up NZ today with heaviest falls on the West Coast and heavy snow in the mountains. Out to the east most places are fairly dry.

Surge of westerly winds to bring autumn/spring-type weather next 14 days (+5 Maps)

A slightly warmer westerly change has already moved in across New Zealand and it's about to ramp up further with stronger winds, higher temperatures - but also mixed in with some colder changes, heavy rain and snow.

Despite the rain, some parts of NZ may still have less than 5mm coming next 14 days (+2 Maps)

Rain has fallen across a large portion of New Zealand in recent days with northern regions getting a good downpour on Thursday to help dry places. A number of regions are below average rainfall-wise, some only have about one third of where they should be by mid-year.

Record June warm spell in Sydney

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Sydney experienced an unprecedented run of June warmth this week.

The city's Observatory Hill weather station registered maximum temperatures at or above 22.0 degrees between Sunday 9th and Thursday 13th of June.

This is Sydney's first five day spell this warm during June on record, with observations dating back to 1859.

Why are the Greens/Labour so silent on Climate Change via our Government Agencies? It's all about $

These days NIWA rarely talks climate change and the Greens/Labour rarely quote them. NZ has 3 commercial Govt forecasters - none focus on Climate.

INDIA: Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm VAYU will it or won't it make landfall? (+15 Maps)

UPDATED 12:35pm NZT / 6:05am IST --- Just minutes after our first update today on Cyclone VAYU forecasters at the Joint Typhoon Warning Center updated the forecast tracking - and by quite a bit. The change to the forecast track may have a significant impact on the forecast for India (a more positive one).

Crumbling MetService infrastructure on display as Govt Minister digs in & says 'profits before people'

Wednesday was sadly another example of the crumbling MetService infrastructure set up in 1991 and now constantly userped by NIWA. Over the past 24 hours MetService, along with their new Marketing partners at Auckland Civil Defence (who don't seem to care about accuracy anymore - th

Next Week: Storm to cross NZ around Wednesday & Thursday (+4 Maps)

If you thought the winter blast this long weekend was the main feature, think again. A large stormy low will deepen and cross the country next week bringing rain, snow, gales and yes - another windy change.

In a nut shell the rest of today and is dominated by the cold polar change sweeping over New Zealand.

Thunderstorms and large hail pummel parts of West Auckland (+Video & Photos)

An intense burst of thunderstorms came off the Tasman Sea around 7pm Friday and pelted West Auckland with larger than normal hail.

Update: Heavy Snowfall maps for New Zealand (x3)

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As the polar change moves across the country rain is falling as snow at higher elevations. While snow is heavy it is higher up and out of most main centres, but centres in Southland, Otago and Canterbury above 300 metres may get a dusting today or tonight.