Farmer morale rising with new pasture growth

Two days of scattered rain over the past two weeks has been enough to encourage new pasture growth, helping to raise morale amongst Waikato’s farmers.

That’s the view of the Waikato Primary Industry Adverse Event Cluster core group, which convened on Tuesday (2 April) to collectively review the very dry conditions and how farmers are coping. 

Sunday's national forecast

It's the last day of March and the forecast is for a warm/mild day with a sub-tropical north to north east flow over NZ ahead of a cold front and rain band slowly moving up the country overnight Sunday and across Monday and Tuesday AM. 

VIDEO: Sub-tropical northerlies this weekend, more rain for NZ on Monday

We have warmer weather coming in this weekend as an enormous high near the Chatham Islands drifts away from us and pulls down sub-tropical N to NE winds.

On Sunday these winds turn more N to NW and will make for a warm night and day. It’s all ahead of a cold front connected to the remnants of ex-cyclone Trevor which will bring in some rain to NZ on Monday.

Two more West Coast rain events coming soon - but neither are like what just happened

More heavy rain is coming to the West Coast but the totals aren't jaw-dropping like the record breaking 1000mm+ numbers we saw in a 48 hour period earlier this week.

At this stage totals look more "normal" for West Coast rain - but following the recent deluge slips will be more likely and rivers may rise faster.

Some rain relief coming for parched rural North Island (+3 Rainfall Accumulation Maps)

We can thank ex-Cyclone Trevor for giving a helping hand to both (or if you live on the West Coast, you may want to 'blame' Trevor).

VIDEO: NZ - Some rain this week & next + Final Australia update on Trevor & Veronica

Heavy rain continues on the West Coast today with a chance of slips and flooding until Wednesday afternoon when the front finally moves into the North Island and weakens under high pressure. Still, the front should bring some relief into dry parts of the North Island late Wednesday and Thursday.

Cyclone Trevor's remnants may spark new rainmaker for dry parts of NZ early April (+3 Maps)

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What is now Ex-Cyclone Trevor continues to bring rain to inland parts of Queensland and this week the rainmaker will drift east and join forces with a cold front in the Tasman Sea on Friday, sparking a new rain band and possibly a new low pressure system in the New Zealand area.

VIDEO: A stormier Autumn pattern arrives this week, ex-cyclone Trevor may bring rain next week

The new Autumn pattern is here and it means more changeable weather and finally getting some windier weather too, after what has been a remarkably calm start to 2019.

The warmer than average pattern continues for another few days with torrential rain on the West Coast leading to some impressive rainfall totals.

Significant rain event developing for the West Coast, front to weaken for North Island (+Rainfall Map)

A band of heavy rain which has been lying over the central Tasman Sea for well over a week will finally drift on to the western South Island today and will merge with a cold front coming out of the Southern Ocean in the days ahead. 

The combined rain bands will create a significant rain event with totals potentially exceeding 300 or 400mn in the next few days on the West Coast.

Warmer than average Sunday, Sunday night and Monday for much of NZ (+2 Maps)

Found it quite warm lately? The run of warmer than normal weather continues thanks to a large high parked east of NZ and pulling down mild sub-tropical air over us.