Special Video: Major Hurricane Florence heading to eastern USA, as warmer nor’westers head to NZ is tracking a major hurricane which is today Category 4 and is heading directly towards the eastern United States.

Did you know there are actually 4 different start dates to Spring?

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When it comes to the end of Winter and the start of Spring, New Zealanders have the choice of four dates and none are official.

Rainfall accumulation maps until Friday morning (+6 Maps)

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Heavy rain is slowly moving eastwards over the upper North Island for Wednesday and Thursday and may lead to localised flooding due to the slow movement of the heaviest downpours. The front slowly tracks eastwards today and has already cleared Auckland and much of Waikato, leaving cloud and showers or drizzle behind.

Flooding risk for Upper North Island thanks to sub-tropical set up (+7 Maps)

Forget the giant low in the Tasman Sea, the main threat this week to New Zealand comes from a sub-tropical northerly between this low and the blocking high to the east. The result? A burst of very slow moving sub-tropical rain for the Upper North Island starting tonight and not easing until Thursday. 

Weather Video: Another week and another week-long-low

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Another big low in the Tasman Sea will take the entire working week to clear the Tasman Sea and it puts NZ in a position to be affected by this system off and on.

Australia: Rain falls in drought hit NSW, but will it make a dent? (+2 Maps)

A trough over southeastern interior Australia is advancing eastwards today bringing showery rain and thunderstorms over a wide area, including drought areas in New South Wales. This wet weather will persist until this morning, then eases today as the system moves east to the coast and out over the Tasman Sea.

Australia: Significant rain coming for drought stricken NSW farmers (+6 Maps)

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There is good news for the serious drought in New South Wales - good rain is coming. A midlatitude trough over the eastern interior of Australia will deepen and interact with a surface low pressure system extending from northern Queensland. It will bring fair amount of rain over interior southern Queensland and northern New South Wales on Friday and Saturday.

Downpours & thunder in the north, colder with snow in the south (+5 Maps)

More downpours, isolated thunderstorms and even hail are forecast for the upper North Island of New Zealand as a large scale low pressure system continues to very slowly cross over the country for Wednesday and Thursday.

Damaging winds possible along Australia's southern coastline, weakens but reaches NZ this Tues/Weds

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A considerably large low covers the Southern Ocean south of Australia and will bring strong winds across southern coastal Australia for the next few days ahead. The main front system moves through Sunday morning and Monday, then weakens somewhat as it crosses the Tasman Sea towards New Zealand on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Updated: 48 hour Rainfall Accumulation Map for New Zealand

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An almost stationary front, located on the fringe of a strong high pressure system to NZ's east, is staying along the eastern coastline of the country. It's bringing rainy weather over the eastern North Island, and possibly periods of heavy rain off and on there from Saturday to Monday. Dry and drizzly spells are in the mix too.