What cold change?! NZ bounces back fast to warmer than average (+4 Maps)

Monday was cold for many regions with single digit highs. Tuesday morning saw some heavy frosts. Now Wednesday looks warmer than average while Thursday looks warmer still.

The ups and downs are due to changing wind directions and air flows caused by the chaos of spring.

The reason it's warming up is because the westerly quarter winds are now returning - much warmer than the S to SE winds many places had over Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, which came right out of the Southern Ocean.

On Thursday these west to north west winds (more so from Aussie) ramp up even more, especially over the South Island, pushing temperatures up above normal for this time of year. But tonight will be colder than normal for much of the North Island and upper South Island before those winds arrive - but tomorrow night looks warmer than average for many parts of the South Island due to those winds (cooler and calmer over the North Island though).

NZ does have a cooler change around Friday and Saturday but by early next week those warmer westerlies should return again for Monday and Tuesday.

- WeatherWatch.co.nz


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I guess niwa are right saying it could get cold

What cold change?

The minus 4 degrees this morning cold change.... I know spring season means it springs from cold to moderate and back almost on a daily basis. Pity we can't make power from such wild temperature swings.....

Ouch -4 is definitely a cold

Ouch -4 is definitely a cold start to the day! What an interesting point - youre quite right we're seeing some big swings. In fact the South Island is going from single digit highs on Monday to highs of near 20 tomorrow - quite the contrast. One thing that these big tempertures swings do bring is wind - and that can be harnessed as wind energy :)

Phil D