What are conditions like where you are?

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We're keen to hear from our readers across New Zealand today as we track the incoming severe weather.

Don't forget to tell us your location, weather observations, and any weather related damage/incidents.

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Weather for Te Kopuru

So much for all the wind we're getting from the west coast, 17 degrees right now and fine skies with the odd passing shower, typical farming weather.


Well, nothing came of it WW. We have sunny skies, blustery wind and clouds moving across the sky fairly quickly, no thunder. Ah well, maybe next time.

Lovely fine afternoon with

Lovely fine afternoon with not much wind after a bit of rain this morning.
A bit of a NW out there at the moment.



Hi WW, we are in Matakana, nothing really to report here apart from a few showers, are we in the area for more? We have patchy blue skies at the moment. ??

There's a clearance in

There's a clearance in conditions - as per the satellite map to the right of the page - but a new front moving into Taranaki will reach Auckland region tonight.  Low to moderate risk of isolated thunderstorms and squalls. 

- WeatherWatch Weekends

Barometer dropping 992, clear

Barometer dropping 992, clear calm and cool here in wellington,

Hi Guys west auckland and it

Hi Guys west auckland and it is very sunny and relatively calm. metservice still has severe thunder storm watch in place and extended it futher to include the coramandel, can we it expect it a little later today or do you think it has missed us.
thanks heaps

Hi, this afternoon we

Hi, this afternoon we downgraded the thunder risk for Auckland to "low" for Sunday afternoon (from moderate) and "low to moderate" for this evening (from high).  There is an elevated risk from the next front which is due in a few hours.

We currently have a policy to avoid contradicting official weather warnings from MetService however we don't believe the chances are "high" for thunderstorms today.

We also believe any thunderstorms will be isolated and not too widespread.

- WeatherWatch

What are conditions like? Feilding /Manawatu

just tad dull - Cool, Calm, not even a breeze, Sun is shining through the breaks in the clouds, the odd spit, nothing to get excited or write home about.. Peacefully nice at the mo. looooooong may it continue.. Where's the Storm?

Hi Diana - if you look at the

Hi Diana - if you look at the satellite map to the right of the page you can see about three of four frontal bands moving up the country.  Within those fronts are isolated torrential downpours and the odd thunderstorm.  There is some more active weather moving into your region this afternoon, then again overnight.

- WeatherWatch Weekends


No thats not a good arrangment (lol) I am on the nite shift, I dont want the thunder lightning, rain - thank good ness we cant control the weather ae


Well if this is what weve all been waiting for Im totaly dissapointed.Sure weve had heavy rain and a few gusts of wind but the way you weather guys have been forcasting things I was hoping for a bit more of excitement, the sun is now shining, and the temp is 14.7 dec, 1001 hps not to bad . Are things going to get worse or is this going to be alot of hype and a big fizzer.

Hi Phil - WeatherWatch.co.nz

Hi Phil - WeatherWatch.co.nz believes all thunder activity today will be ISOLATED and not widespread, however the area that they will form in IS widespread.  That means its hit and miss for everyone today.

- WW

It's heeeere

The front just came over Papamoa with moderate gusto. It got dark & ominous, then large drops of rain, and a burst of wind with a down pour. No thunder storms yet.

Its coming!

OOOoooooooooo dark clouds are just starting to move in at Papamoa - wind has picked up a little. Instead of light breeze it is more wofty (if there is such a word). The light has dimmed and the day has taken on a dull grey. No rain so far today. Amazing how quickly it has changed from the mornings weather of high cyrus and sunshine.


On the Pouto Penninsula (Kaipara Harbour) Strong wind gusts, since around 11 am this morning, sun is out at present, , have had a few showers, lots of angry looking clouds about. No thunder as of yet..

Kaikohe Northland

Blue skies, 19 degrees. Still with sun. One dark cloud went over and dripped 2 spots of rain. It's actually a really lovely day just now.

Kaitaia / Far North

Sunday, 12:50 PM - Cloudy, occasional showers, windy, 20 Degrees

Rather windy in Te Aroha and

Rather windy in Te Aroha and overcast.

Live in Te kiri, inland from

Live in Te kiri, inland from Opunake, Taranaki.
We are having heavy rain and thunderstorms and strong winds. Started around 8.30am this morning..nasty stuff!

Severe storm

Hi guys I am so annoyed I am in Sydney and not home in Hamilton,rather cold here but not a cloud in the sky but wish I was home,can you keep me updated with Hamiltons weather we are building new house at glen Massey
It's it a strong chance of severe wind or even tornados

as at 2.15pm today Hamilton

as at 2.15pm today Hamilton is cool, wet and a slight breeze, so nothing much yet


Southerly change just hit Nelson, icy band of heavy showers went through. 15 degrees, sou wester gusting atleast 65kph. impressive thunderstorm early this morning, for a time lightning was flashing every 4 or so seconds!

Hamilton North

Weather and temperature is deteriorating as I write . Driving to New Plymouth tomorrow what can I expect weatherwise?

West Auckland

The wind has just picked up and light rain has started.

Here in the Wairarapa not to

Here in the Wairarapa not to bad,strong wind hasnt arrived yet just a dit of rain about,but is getting colder

Hi no thunderstorms as yet

Hi no thunderstorms as yet just severe gusty wind

Whangarei is quite nice at

Whangarei is quite nice at the moment, about 19 deg, some blue mixed with some grey clouds, little wind.


Norwest, 35 knots at leigh. 30 mins ago.


Nothing here apart from light winds, Husband is off fishing (commercial) this avo, hoping we dont cop to much of what is forecasted.

Sunny and cool in

Sunny and cool in Invercargill with a NW wind that isn't strong at the moment.


The weather at 9.50am sunday morning is still fine at Mangawhai (North of Auckland). Light wind and some overcast. Go to the beach later to walk my dogs :-)

approaching from the west

Mt Wellington - Auckland at 9:45am

Patchy blue sky with small low grey clouds --light winds -- but there is a heck of an impressive wall of towering white approaching from the west! Stands out like a sore thumb and pretty much stretches across the horizon.

Incoming I would say!


Here in Pirongia....slightly rainy but black clouds building up......is the storm going to hit here??

It's expected to this

It's expected to this afternoon, yes.


- WeatherWatch Weekends