West Coast deluge - Over half a metre of rain coming next few days (+3 Maps)

The West Coast is known for rain events but even this one is significant for them. Latest data still supports around 500 to 600mm of rain falling in some parts between now and just Thursday.

That's over half a metre of rain. WeatherWatch.co.nz says for other NZ regions that is close to around 6 months rainfall in just a few days.

Rain is being produced by a large Tasman Sea low which is stuck for most of this week pulling down moisture rich sub-tropical air which is then blocked along the West Coast by the Southern Alps.

Motorists and locals are warned to watch for rapidly rising rivers, slips and flooding along with possible road closures.

24 HOUR RAINFALL FORECAST (Until 7am Wednesday)

48 HOUR RAINFALL FORECAST (Until 7am Thursday)

72 HOUR RAINFALL FORECAST (Until 7am Thursday)

- WeatherWatch.co.nz