How to download's FREE weather App!

Filed in:'s weather App is available for download, for both iPhone and Android & now tablets - so far it's received a number of 5 star ratings, which we're really blown away with  - thank you!  

The app - which is FREE for all New Zealanders and those overseas to download - comprises of detailed forecasts for Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin **and now Palmerston North**

More basic forecasts are available for smaller centres but says improvements will be made to those centres in the first half of 2014 as we use new data that NIWA has kindly offered us to trial.

"We're a small private company without the vast tax payer money our government competitors have, but we are really proud of the weather app we've built and we hope to add more features as we develop them" says head weather analyst Philip Duncan.

The app contains the same live news feed from the website, current weather conditions for many centres and interactive 14 day Maps, covering wind, rain, swell and temperatures, courtesy of MetOcean (please note as of Dec 22 the maps are offline as MetOcean make big upgrades) - we sincerely apologise for this and will have back up links on our website only as of Dec 26 if the maps are still not operational - this issue is outside of our control via MetOcean).

Download here

Click here for iOS  

Click here for Android 

The app also allows mobile users to directly upload photos from their device to

"The app is a work in progress and we'd love feedback on what works and what could perhaps be improved" says Mr Duncan.  "The entire WeatherWatch brand has been shaped by the public of New Zealand and we take our role as a nationwide weather provider very seriously, which is why we've made this app free for download".



Windows app?

Is there a Windows App/Program?

Hi there, at this stage no

Hi there, at this stage no sorry. We do have plans to expand our app in 2018 and 19 and hope to grow enough funding to include Windows phones.

Kind regards


WeatherWatch Suggestion

This app works really well on iPhone.

Is is possible to change the order of cities, so that you could prioritise (i.e move) those cities used most often to the top of the list?  I live in Christchurch, so lots of scrolling down the list to get to places close to ChCh.

Not so bad for Aucklanders - they're always near the top!

Well done on the app - it's seriously good and you should be charging for it!

Android permissions

Hi Phil

Why does the Android app include access to location data?


motorola defy

app does not work motorola defy on android.


will the lightning radar ever work on annoying it doesnt

MetService hold the rain

MetService hold the rain radar images to make profits - rather than truly freeing them up.  It means that private companies cannot afford to buy the images to display in our own great apps, as you see in all other western nations.  We managed to get MetService to free up the rain radar network to 7min updates (instead of hourly updates) late last year - but it took years of public pressure, which wasn't pleasant for both sides.  We've complained to the Commerce Commission, along with many others.  


Philip Duncan

The app

The app is constantly loading, nothing coming up. Can't choose location.

Can you make it so the app tilts with what ever way I'm using the ipad as it currently does not. This may just be due to the app not currently loading however.

Does the Android app allow "Move to SD" so it....

Does the Android app allow itself to be moved to SD so it doesn't use up the limited internal memory of lower end Android phones?

I ask because some apps for eg Whatsapp cannot be moved to SD.


WeatherWatch App

I keep getting the message that the App is incompatible with my Samsung 2.0 tablet - any suggestions?

Yea, buy an iPhone..:) had to

Yea, buy an iPhone..:) had to say it..

Wairarapa weather?

Any chance of getting Wairarapa weather added to this app? Weather in Wgtn, Palmy & Napier is rarely the same as what we're having over here. Thanks.

Weather watch app

No dunedin temp ?

HI there, should be working

HI there, should be working now?



Love that App

Everyone make sure you rate it so it starts showing up in the app store.

Well done team!

Any chance we can get some different temperature sites for auckland. EG North Shore. Also any chance you can put up a last 24 hours ET ?


Hi Dane - thanks very much.

Hi Dane - thanks very much.  Sadly MetService chooses to sell this data (owned by the public though) at such high rates it makes it too expensive for us to do it. (This is why they have a monopoly).  However in recent weeks NIWA has come to our rescue, offering us access to some data.  So we hope in the future we can add more inner city readings - as we don't like the airport readings, never have done (as no one lives there!)

Cheers - thanks for the feedback


Missing icons

Have just downloaded the Android app to my Samsung Galaxy phone but don't get all the icons that your image shows above. Cannot access the graphs etc.

I only get 'Weather' 'News' & 'Photos', nothing else.

Aren't they all available for Android?


Restarted the App for a third time and everything is now there!

When's the WW Earthquake App coming? ;-)

Android Compatbility

What are the Requirements for the Android version I have a 2.2 Phone and a 4.2 tablet and the Play store says it is incompatible with both

Hi. The Android version of

Hi. The Android version of the app is only for phones at the moment, so it won't be available on your tablet just yet. However, the app supports version 2.2 and above. If you could let us know exactly what make and model of phone you have, then we can investigate why the Play Store says it's not compatible with your device.

Cheers, Development Team

LG 500 android 2.2 phone

When trying to download says cannot download on 2 degrees


Hi, Google nexus tablet running android 4.3 - also not compatible. Sad face


another vote for windows phone app please :)

Windows Phone 8

Yes please.  Another vote here for a Windows Phone app

Windows8 surface tablet

Hi, a vote also for a windows 8 app.



Comes up device not

Comes up device not compatible for this version,android 2.3 guess just keep looking at wind isobar maps,it usually tells me much of what will happen.

Hi. The Android version of

Hi. The Android version of the app supports 2.2 and above. If you could let us know exactly what make and model of phone you have, then we can investigate why the Play Store says it's not compatible with your device.

Cheers, Development Team

Hi. The Android version of

Hi, i also have the Andriod 2.3 and it also says not compatible with this version.
I have a Huawei Asend Y 200.

Hi Just installed ur app on


Just installed ur app on my iPhone , luv it, just tht it wud be gud to have more of inner city temps than airport.

Keep up ur GRT work:)

Auckland Temperature reading

Great app! Just curious about the temperature reading for Auckland - where from?

Many thanks :) At this stage

Many thanks :) At this stage we've take the basic NZ govt data (but via an overseas client) so it will be based at airport locations. However we are changing this later in the year to better locations - we've always wanted more rural and more inner city readings and less airport ones. So this is a temporary fix until then.  Cheers!

Hi WW, just downloaded your

Hi WW, just downloaded your app to my iPhone, great stuff even though i am in Whangarei and only get the basics for weather but look forward to more data as and when you can. Mind the maps are there plus a heap more so I am happy with that.
Great work, congrats to all you hard workers there.

Hi Derek, thankis very much

Hi Derek, thankis very much for your feedback!  We're hoping to add more details to Whangarei later this year, but it's a slow work in progress!  We're also exploring ways to get more regional weather news too.  Thanks heaps again, we love all the feedback, gives us the energy to do what we do!

- Phil

Will download to the android

Will download to the android tablet when home. What I would like is a widget that shows the current temperature outside with the ability to tell where you are via gps. Not sure if that's something you would ever be able to do but would be nice :) The one that I have doesn't refresh correctly and I get very frustrated with it lol.
Looking forward to having accurate forecasts available though.

Thanks for the comment Emmad

Thanks for the comment Emmad - like your idea!  We do have new ideas but have many things to work out before getting there....and we are slowing getting there!



Yea for Android!

Yea for Android!

Weather App

Very cool, are you going to make one for the Windows Phone?

Hi Brendan, thanks for the

Hi Brendan, thanks for the message. We don't have enough demand yet for a Windows version but in the future I'm sure that will come.  We have very limited funds so have to choose what we spend money on very carefully and Windows was sadly out of reach for this version of the app - but depending on the App's download numbers we hope to add windows down the road.


Also keen for a windows app!

Also keen for a windows app!

Windows app

Add me to the list for a windows 8 app.

app for windows phone

I would like to add my support for a Windows version please, totally Windows in our house - phones, tablets and computers!!

ditto re above

ditto re above

Also keen to see a Windows

Also keen to see a Windows app

Android weather app

Great! Working fine on my Galaxy3. User friendly interface. Really nice. I'm happy. Gives me my daily weather fix. Many thanks!