Weather Video: Your weekend forecast & outlook to Wednesday

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A big low in the Tasman Sea is developing and drifting towards New Zealand. The low will peak in intensity on Saturday out at sea, then gradually weaken over Sunday and Monday as it moves in towards the North Island.

Rain will start on the West Coast first, then push into the North Island later into Saturday or Saturday night.

Winds from the northerly quarter will be windy, but shouldn’t be too problematic.

By Sunday patchy rain and showers and drizzle affect many parts of New Zealand - best weather will be in Southland.

Across Monday and Tuesday we transition back to spring westerlies ahead of a colder and windier south to south west nationwide change on Wednesday… ahead of a potential high for New Zealand later next week.


Great weather forecasting

Great weather forecasting Phil, enjoy your holiday and I look forward to watching Aaron's vids.

You won't see me this time

You won't see me this time around, not set up for that type of arrangement just yet but I will be voicing a clip each weekday. Hopefully it works out ok! lol :)

Phil will enjoy his holiday I'm sure, he loves planes :D