Weather Video: Warmer weather pushing in

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Warmer weather conditions are greeting some New Zealander’s at the moment as the wind flow changes from southerlies to westerlies. A large high is in charge, for now, bringing light winds and cloudy weather to the west. A new low is coming though, with rain and wind arriving in the South Island later this weekend.

*Recorded noon Weds - Next update Friday afternoon.


Love your videos Phil, really

Love your videos Phil, really informative and interesting, the Antarctica bit was really interesting.
Just installed your app on my iPhone, all good but as I live in Whangarei I get just the basics so look forward to more detail as and when you can.

Great work and a pity some of that government funding cannot come your way.

Hi Derek - many thanks :) 

Hi Derek - many thanks :)  We'd love some of that funding but we're happy to draw our funds from the private sector as much as possible.  We hope to add more to Whangarei (and the other centres) later in the year.


Yep definitely the highlight

Yep definitely the highlight of the week!