Weather Video: Tropical low on the horizon

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A large high over us is already starting to slip away and we have some windier, showery, weather on the way for the end of the week.

Next week we’re looking at a potential sub-tropical low – which we will continue to update you on over the coming week.




Know you wont publish it but

Know you wont publish it but as usual be shitty SW for auckland with tons of beebop conditions and crap needles

lol, I enjoy the humour

lol, I enjoy the humour Michael. It's all good :D


Sub tropcal low

Hi Phil

That low next week does look a bit nasty but hopefully it may just brush the east coast. It will be interesting to see where it actually ends up going. They definately have a mind of their own.

The models seem to be a bit at odds at the moment I see. I will be interested in your thoughts over the next few days