Weather Video: Gales & rain expected across upper North Island

More sub-tropical winds this week means this week will be warmer than last with little, if any, frost or snow in the forecast.

A wet nor’easter is moving back in to the upper North Island with a chance of localised heavy downpours and gales.

Temperatures will remain above average all week, with the next potential southerly not arriving until late Sunday.

PLEASE NOTE: *Recorded Monday AM - please note since this was recorded we're now forecasting gales may gust much stronger to 120km/h.  Latest news here


Hello, is there any

Hello, is there any signifcant snow events looking likely for the school holidays?

Hi thereAt this stage no, the

Hi there

At this stage no, the first week definately not, the second week has a higher chance of a snow event but overall from this far out it's looking like the air won't be cold enough for any significant low level snow.