Weather Video: How the next week is shaping up

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A number of people from across southern and western parts of both islands are asking this one question – “what has happened to summer?”.

With highs struggling to reach even the low teens for some South Island areas, along with a fair bit of cloud for western places including Auckland, some are wondering when Summer will truly kick off.

The good news is that hotter weather is coming – the bad news is that we still see a changeable ‘spring-like’ pattern for the rest of the month for some areas in the south.

*Recording Monday afternoon


Sad for us, we've been

Sad for us, we've been following Wellington's wind pattern, rather than Kapiti's. Had a gutsful of the northerlies, they blow NE here and have been only up to 53% humidity. I'd normally wish for an NW, but they've been headcases wind speed and rain wise this year. This pattern is actually worse than Spring, as the wind all the time, beit hot or cold, is drying everything out. Last night we had cool SW v NE and it blew like an idiot. Days and nights of warm-cold-warm-cold every few minutes drives me mad. Had macrocarpa timber up on its side on my front lawn, making a box garden ... to replace the carnage created by the big June SE. That SW v N wind last night blew them over and they're heavy. Good grief. Auckland, send us some humidity please, just enough to get us up to 75% will be fine and take some of our wind away. We'll take your murk any day, very used to cloud overhang here from the westerlies. The strangest thing is that my alpine plants are back in flower, normally flower away in late Winter-Spring. Even Primula auricula that I got from Canterbury is in flower. Nuts.

Very humid night

Last night was so very humid, hopefully some cooler weather on the way!