Weather Video: Cyclone season continues, and the Eden Park outlook

Cyclone season continues in the South Pacific and the Tropics, with Cyclones Rueben and Nathan both making waves to our east and west respectively.

Though neither of these should pose any threat to the country, it shows that we are seeing an active autumn weather pattern in this part of the world this year.

We also look ahead to the Cricket World Cup semi final at Eden Park, and the chance of showers there - plus a glimpse into the middle of the week with Philip Duncan.



So you say they are not coming here!!!!!!! then the season is a DUD or a FLOP for cyclones....sort  of explains why its been so DRY

cyclone Reuben

Fiji metservice has Reuben tracking due west along 25S, north of Raoul Island and weakening to a tropical low.


Cyclone bola came from the fiji area and a nother one in des 2012 came from there that gave great rain to the north island all the current dry areas