Weather Video: Cyclone Pam's track towards NZ

Tropical Cyclone Pam has formed directly north of New Zealand and while it is likely to grow into a severe storm the latest tracking shows it may well go between Vanuatu and Fiji – where it’s mostly open sea.

The storm is also likely to narrowly miss NZ – but the swells and rips are likely to be very dangerous around North Island eastern and northern beaches, even if the weather here is sunny and settled.



wont the cyclone just sit on the high pressure and push it on to the SI like cyclone bola did????????.....i cant believe a storm like that will miss everyone!!!!!!

The wedding question is for

The wedding question is for west auckland

Hi thereFeel free to keep up

Hi there

Feel free to keep up to date with Auckland forecasts on our Auckland page. Apart from that it's looking like there will be cloudy and sunny areas with easterly breezes. Late afternoon and evening there could be a few isolated showers, these are more likely for western parts of Auckland then out east but it could still be fairly hit and miss which is the nature of convective type showers which these will be.

Something to be wary of but you may be ok, and the wedding may be over by the time any showers move in anyway if it's an outdoors ceremony.

Good luck!



How is it looking for Thursday (12th) We have a wedding to attend

Cyclone Pam Hitting Us?


I'm just wondering will pam hit us. I don't think it will because the forcast shows that upper level winds move westwards which pushes pam to the east? Is this officially locked in. It's just really hard to believe. I mean, this season for tropical lows and cyclones affecting nz has been really weak. Could this be the one that ends that? I frankly want it to calm down with the winds a bit hahhahahaa. How likely will it be if it hits us or brings in some much needed rain :/

Keep an eye on stories coming

Keep an eye on stories coming out for the rest of this week, Phil has this covered and will tell you what you need to know when he knows it :)




what is your best pronosis for the Eagles concert on saturday night?

40,000 outdoors at Mt Smart from 6.30pm.



Hi AlIt is cutting it close

Hi Al

It is cutting it close with this low moving past on Sunday. The concert may just be ok, it will likely be cloudy with the odd shower possible and winds from the east. But overall it should be mostly dry fingers crossed.

As the days move on of course we'll be able to fine tune details and get a better idea as to how things are looking.