Weather Video: Gales blast middle NZ

Another blast of gales is moving back in to central New Zealand for Saturday with rain moving into the North Island and falling apart and becoming patchy as it does so.

On Sunday winds start to ease and sunnier spells move in. But we’re stuck in an unsettled (changeable) weather pattern for the next week ahead too.

At this stage it's looking like more rain and showers for much of the country early next week.


No special Anniversary

No special Anniversary Weekend weather update or countdown during the week?  Auckland gets it each year on Nelson's Anniversary Weekend.  Canterbury (like the rest of NZ) not worthy enough?  Not even one partonising comment in the weather video.

Sorry our free service

Sorry our free service doesn't meet your expectations!  There are always events/regional holidays that we'll miss - because my main focus is on the national and transtasman weather, not a specific forecast for one region unless someone has emailed me directly to ask if I can mention it.  Auckland usually gets an extra mention for the anniversary day because around 2 million people get that day off. Hopefully our actual detailed forecasts will be of more help to you.




Hahaha - brilliant response :-)

Cheers for the info, as always.