Weather Video: A colder Thursday for many but 30+ temperatures coming for many next week

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We have a cold front moving northwards up the South Island today and will reach the North Island overnight and lie over the upper North Island for Thursday PM. Most places won’t have a lot of rain but we do expect 5 to 30mm generally speaking.
The lower South Island will be much cooler than normal for Thursday but bounces back to some degree in the days ahead.
But it’s Sunday and next week that will see much more heat spread across New Zealand with highs in the late 20s and early 30s - and a few pockets may even reach the mid 30s.

*CRICKET CORRECTION: In today's video Phil accidently suggests late rain for cricket in Canterbury, but the cricket is in Napier (whoops)... so to clarify, today looks great/dry, which is a better forecast for the match! Apologies for the mistake.