Election: Weather conditions improving for most

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All severe weather warnings for land have now been lifted by the government forecaster but blustery conditions remain in a number of regions - but despite the wind conditions are still good for getting out and voting with winds continuing to ease this afternoon and skies clearing further.

As of 3:25pm 99% of New Zealand was dry with blustery winds continuing in Auckland and a number of eastern areas.

A little over 3 million people are enrolled to vote today.  A record number of advanced votes have also been cast this year which means weather conditions today for them will be irrelevant.

WeatherWatch.co.nz says the winds will continue to ease over the next few hours with winds completely easing in many places overnight.

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Despite the windy weather at the moment New Zealand's weather news authority says there is nothing in the forecast for today that suggests you won't be able to get out and cast your vote at some stage.

It's been a windy week across many parts of the nation, with gales, hurricane force at times affecting exposed places, including Wellington.

WeatherWatch.co.nz head weather analyst Philip Duncan says overall Election Day is looking mostly dry but admits it may still be a bit windy.

"We'll have strong to gale force winds in some southern and eastern areas of both islands first thing but the good news is that those gales will ease as we head into Saturday morning".

Mr Duncan says in Auckland blustery conditions will continue but are expected to remain under gale force.

"Yes it will be a bit windy in a number of regions but we don't anticipate the weather will cause any serious issues for voters getting to the polling stations".

But WeatherWatch.co.nz does advise New Zealanders to monitor the weather warnings closely and if severe gales are affecting where you live to ensure your safety is top of mind when venturing outdoors. 

- WeatherWatch.co.nz


Citizen responsibility to vote

A democracy as ours demands active participation in the process deciding the government that will rule. We get what we deserve! So, to all and sundry, especially those who may be vacillating, get off your arses and vote - spread the word - now! Do it by e-mail and text.
To the cretins that are too lazy or apathetic - you get what you deserve -so don't complain!
Postscript - we should be like Aussie - you get fined not only for not registering but also for not voting!

Better not have this article

Better not have this article ;-) with the election authority saying that we are not allowed to post comments ornhave articles that could influence voters...and no matter what weather it is, snow,hail,thunder,tornadoes VOTE!

Hi there - we've cleared this

Hi there - we've cleared this story with the Electoral Commission and will be running it tomorrow with updates.  The idea behind the law you mention is to stop people from promoting a party or person, or to discourage people from voting.  We're doing the exact opposite, telling people to get out and vote! :)

Read our story from yesterday which clarifiies a story in The Press/Stuff yesterday.

And yes - no matter the weather, vote!

- WW