VIDEO - Weather Special: Why snow storms are tricky to forecast

Filed in: head weather analyst Philip Duncan talks about this particular winter storm – who is most exposed, how our mountains and ranges hugely impact the weather and why forecasting these types of storms in New Zealand can be quite tricky.


Kiwi watching

Was looking at some of the pics and here in Stockholm, Sweden where we are meant to have piles of the stuff, we rarely have so much snow. It always measures in max 3 to 5 cm, although the cold hits very low to minus 20 quite often. Hate to think how my home up on the hills of Wellington is faring. Love watching your weather vids, they are so interesting and easy to understand, and its nice to hear the kiwi accent again. Makes me homesick. Thanks.


I imagine it's hard to predict unless you are a qualified meteorologist trained at interpreting and analysing model data including upper level data.

Hi there - Our clients

Hi there - Our clients include Civil Defence, Fonterra, NZ Herald, NewstalkZB, Country TV and many more. We have a close working relationship with NIWA and GeoNet, The Weather Channel and CNN - and this is because they find me - and - reliable and accurate.  I'm comfortable with the skills I have & the service I provide. If you prefer to watch a meteorologist feel free to visit

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No relationship with the

No relationship with the Moonman then? ;-)

Nope. not at all! Nice Fellow

Nope. not at all! Nice Fellow though, but I don't subscribe to his methods - I admire mainstream science :)

Is there only three of you at

Is there only three of you at WW now? I can't see the info anymore on your forecasters (there was a tab until recently). Has Howard left?

We have two regular

We have two regular forecasters - Philip Duncan and Aaron Wilkiinson - and then a team of meteorologists and oceanographers at MetOcean who we work closely with too, as well as our Radio Network contacts up and down the country who feed in weather news to us as it happens - we have quite a network of people around the country.  Both Howard and Richard are no longer with - and we're now putting our very limited resources into growing our forecast products, launching out free App (coming VERY soon!) and upgrades to the website to improve, well, everything!  


p.s. The Forecaster tab will be coming back in the next week or so - but it was very old and out of date!