VIDEO: Two more big lows to dominate NZ before December - we track likely rainfall totals

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A huge low pressure system is moving towards New Zealand this weekend and is larger than the one we have over us already. It’s a different low, it will bring warmer weather and a higher risk of thunderstorms. It’s also so large it has big areas of completely dry, calm, weather as well.

Combined with NZ’s mountains and ranges it makes locking in specific forecasts for this weekend quite tricky. We take a look and see what likely set ups we’ll get.

We also take a look at next week and yet another large low coming for the final days of November.

To make sense of this all we've also included a likely rainfall map covering total precipitation nationwide between today and next Wednesday, which some may find as a helful general guide.


Love these videos Phil, so

Love these videos Phil, so full of information and also very well presented so us out here can understand it all.

Hey Derek, thanks heaps for

Hey Derek, thanks heaps for the kind feedback, I really appreciate it! :)