Video: Some rain is coming this Friday, perhaps a little more next week

We have a cooler change coming in the south on Thursday night and that will help generate some rain over the North Island on Friday.

For many dry areas this rain is overdue.

The jury is still out about precise totals and who is most likely to get the rain but the latest indicators suggest the North Island has 15 to 30mm coming for the most part and some may get double that (but more isolated). We’ll have more details in our Thursday video.

Meanwhile high pressure continues to dominate the NZ area even with some of this wet weather. Next week shows more high pressure but also a couple of weak small lows too, perhaps a sign that Autumn’s more changeable pattern is slowly starting to wake up - but it does look slow, we still see plenty more high pressure coming in from Australia this month.



It seems like the tropical season is a flop this year going by you r long term forcasting no wonder its dry

Thanks for a well balanced

Thanks for a well balanced forecast for next few days Phil & WW team. Way more realistic than some I have read today in news sites, too much drama and hype from them. Well done and thanks again for the accurate forecasting.