VIDEO: Some nationwide warming up to do, but a split in who gets rain next

Low pressure around northern NZ is finally about to clear away with a spring-like westerly flow returning for the rest of the week.

This means a gradual warming up, especially in the eastern South Island which has a cold start to the working week but a fairly mild end.

On Friday and Saturday a surge of rain and showers moves up NZ with a cooler S to SW change behind it - but it’s short lived and only some regions get wet weather while others stay dry and mild.



So far every time in the last 2 months you've predicted spring like westerlies it's quickly turned southerly. Lets see how your prediction stands up this time ;-)

Might depend on where you are

Might depend on where you are we have had them in taranaki

Agree some have switched more

Agree some have switched more southerly but there's a reason August and a large part of September so far has had warmer than normal days (the start of this week the first exception in some time) - it's due to an early surge of spring westerlies in our part of the world (locally they may be SSW, SW, WSW, WNW, NW or NNW).

Cheers :)