VIDEO: Philip Duncan with the latest on Cyclone Yasi

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As Cyclone Yasi continues to move across inland Queensland weather analyst Philip Duncan talks about what happened earlier this morning, what the potential is for another cyclone behind Yasi and where the storm is heading now.



Well done

That was really well done Philip!! :o)

New TV Weather Presenter?

Mate, I'm surprised you haven't been approached by One or 3 News weather! You're a natural on TV. Big ups for your intensive coverage of Yasi, and all other recent severe weather events here in NZ. Great site guys, keep it up.

I second that! Your a great

I second that! Your a great presenter!!! And you have keept us all very informed and up to date of the weather thats been going on. You guys at weatherwatch have done a fabulous job! Keep up the great work =)

Yea..You just Awesome after

Yea..You just Awesome after living in Cairns for 15years and returning home 3years ago!!! I just gotta say thanks for your truth,,because with children and grandchildren still in Cairns it has been a big blessing to have your info.. Lucky Cairns... :) My family and friends are all safe... Keep up your reporting for us all please...

Thank you

Thank you all for the positive feedback - it means a lot!  Thank you!