Video: Phil Duncan with the latest on the storm

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Heavy snow is now falling through central parts of the South Island and the snow level will continue to fall over the next 24 hours, with snow – possibly heavy – falling to sea level across the South Island’s southern and eastern coastlines. We have the latest on the North Island too, where heavy showers are now pushing into western and central areas – and gales, hail and thunder are also in the forecast.



Is it still snowing in christchurch


A chance of a few snow

A chance of a few snow flurries during the day tomorrow in Christchurch otherwise expect mostly wintrty showers composed of sleet, small hail and cold rain.



Whats the chances of teawamutu or mt pirongia geting some like a few years back

Te Awamutu unlikely. Mt

Te Awamutu unlikely. Mt Pirongia could well get a dusting on the top :)


Snow in chch

How much should we get to sea level in christchurch tonight

Snow not looking very likely

Snow not looking very likely in Chch tonight. During the day tomorrow there could be the odd flurry to sea level in amoungst wintry showers.


Watching the depression

Watching the depression rapidly develop just south of Wellington is like watching a slow motion train crash. There's going to be one hell of a southerly push at go home time. Spot the row of thunder/hail storms. Almost worth a storm warning? An severe weather warning may not cover the 5-7pm time.

Stratford 300m above

What are the chances of the system passing over Stratford and starting to snow, we are 320m above sea level

I think you';ll get some snow

I think you';ll get some snow overnight or tomorrow - but probably not a major dumping.  Hard to tell how much you;ll get but a high chance of something, even if just a few snow flakes.  Let us know what happens!