VIDEO: Hotter, drier, weather moving in to NZ now

We are entering peak summer with even hotter, drier, weather in the forecast for the next week in many regions. 

High pressure will remain around NZ or just to our north, encouraging sub-tropical and Australian airflows over the country and boosting temperatures above normal later this week and again this weekend and into next week (some in very south may have a brief weekend cool down).

NZ is now becoming drier with some areas seeing drought conditions form (not yet officially) - in yesterday’s video we mentioned some regions are drying out.

Here’s the link to that news story once you’ve finished watching today’s video...



hey I have moved closer to the coast where are those coastal showers you can get

peak summer

peak summer funny how its rather dark in the morning now at 6am

That's called thermal lag.

That's called thermal lag. The longest day (with most amount of sunshine) is in late December - the peak of summer usually occurs 1 to 2 months after that date over land, and 2 to 3 months after date that in the sea :)

- WW