VIDEO: Extended dry spell coming for NZ as rainmakers build in the Tasman

High pressure is dominating New Zealand this week, this weekend and potentially for much of next week too. Most places are looking dry with cool nights and mild afternoons.

Warmer winds will develop in the days ahead lifting overnight lows slightly and making for warmer than normal afternoons in a number of places.

Rainmakers are lining up in the Tasman Sea though - but high pressure is dominating and holding it in place for now.

But next weekend (not this) we may see a large low from the Tasman Sea move our way.



Funny how they didn't hold bola in its place then

From memory I thought it was

From memory I thought it was high pressure that made Bola stall over the NZ area causing such enormous rainfall totals?



pushed a high down over the south island it didn't run away from highs like a lot of your rainmakers this year