VIDEO: Autumn change next week for NZ, not all who needs rain will get it

New Zealand has a fairly quiet weekend weatherwise with just a few showers here and there, otherwise warmer than average. There may be some morning cloud and fog patches too.

However by Sunday a wind will be developing over the South Island ahead of a stormy systems in the Southern Ocean next week. While the storm won’t directly hit NZ it will send a burst of wind, rain and colder air up the South Island.

But this front is unlikely to bring much relief to those in the north. Finally we take a look at the remnants of Cyclone Trevor - which makes landfall in NT, Australia in the next 24 hours - which will drift in to Queensland in the coming days and may eventually make it out in to the Tasman Sea by the end of March.


**Please note we have a Special Video focused just on Australia and the two cyclones - Trevor and Veronica - You can find it by clicking/tapping here***


Recorded Friday: