Turning the tables today

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Whilst much of the country is looking for some drier weather, Southland is begging for some rain.

Well, beg no more Southland.  The tables have been turned.  The leading edge of some cooler air is moving on shore in the far south.  That is helping create some rain for some very parched people.

It's been pretty hit and miss this morning.  Radar is trying to paint a rainy picture for Invercargill and Gore, but surface reports indicate that the radar is being a bit optimistic.

Things should start to become a little more focused as we go throughout the day.  The rain should become more widespread this afternoon.  Showers are expected for western Southland and the West Coast later today.  Even Otago may get in some of the rain.

Now, you would think that with Southland getting rain today it would follow that the rest of the country would see a dry day.

And you would be right.

It looks like a gorgeous day is on tap for the rest of New Zealand.  I can't rule out the very small risk for a shower or two around Auckland, but that would be about the only chance for rain today outside of the South Island.

Temperatures today won't be really hot for most areas.  However, folks around Napier and Gisborne and Hamilton, Tauranga and Chirstchurch should see highs hit 25 or better.

Photo by Mike Condon


No rain here in Dunedin

No rain here in Dunedin either. Both you and NZ Met. Service wrong again!

Invercargill Weather

You got that 1 wrong. We recorded 3.2mm all before 9am. Now almost clear skies with strong westerlies!! Any gain from this mornings rain is being taken away by the wind!!

2mm in Invercargill, showers

2mm in Invercargill, showers have stopped and it's looking like a clearance coming with blue sky to the south west.