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FINAL UPDATE - Issued 15:00 hours on 14 November 2016.  The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM) has cancelled the tsunami warning in place for Wellington to Banks Peninsula. 

Based on all available data, the tsunami threat has now passed. However, coasts may still experience unusual, strong currents and sea level fluctuations lasting for several more hours. People are advised to stay vigilant in and around coastal waters.

See OLD news updates below......

UPDATED 12:44pm --- Coastal conditions continue to ease following a significant tsunami wave which hit around Kaikoura after midnight's M7.5 earthquake. Earlier today Kaikoura recorded waves of 2.5 metres, Christchurch 1 metre and Wellington half a metre.

Power cuts are scattered across both islands this morning as a result of the quake - and stormy weather tonight across the country may make matters worse.

As of 12noon NZT Monday the Government had confirmed to the media two deaths.

Buildings and roads have been extensively damaged in the South Island and parts of Wellington.

Wellington Civil Defence is advising people not to go into work in the CBD and also Lower Hutt this today. 

WeatherWatch.co.nz says this is a historic earthquake and tsunami event for New Zealand.

THIS IS AN ACTIVE WARNING and WeatherWatch.co.nz is in talks with GeoNet this morning as we update you.

As you can see as of 12:40pm it appears the largest of the waves passed before sunrise, but still dangerous conditions for some along the eastern coastline and it's still making for choppy conditions/stronger tides...

View LIVE TSUNAMI GAUGES HERE: http://www.weatherwatch.co.nz/geonet




Check your emergency Kit

Amazing how every time that this kid of event occurs we all go out and restock our emergency kits and supplies - check the stored water which has gone off and the emergency money supply. Then several years later you do it all again and half the stuff has been raided. Any of course check the Insurance and all the other things we put to one side. Should be an annual check before Xmas to make sure all is in order

Stewart Island

Hi, My sister and her husband were visiting Stewart Island at the time of the earthquake. We have not heard anything from them since Nov. 13th. Do you know whether cell towers are down? I understood Stewart Island was not affected by the earthquake. Appreciate any news. Thanks, Sandya

Hi Sandya Stewart Island is

Hi Sandya

Stewart Island is about as far away as you can get from these quakes within NZ, there should be no issues at that end of the country. Not sure why you can't contact them sorry, hmmm.

- WW Team

Thanks so much for the quick

Thanks so much for the quick response, really appreciate it.

Travel to Wellington 20th Nov

We are going to Wellington and then an hour North near Solway Park ... should be, is it safe.. any advice?

Yes you should be fine, we

Yes you should be fine, we live North of Upper Hutt, 50 minutes from Masterton and the roads are clear and good to travel on. Hopefully the sun will be shinning by then :)

Hi there I guess you're

Hi there

I guess you're travelling by road. Best to have a look at a road conditions map like this: http://maps.aa.co.nz/traffic/roadwatch

Weatherwise if you want to know the weather around Wellington keep an eye on our Wellington forecasts :)

- WW Team


hi, we have plane tickets to Wellington on 24th November, where it is the best to see what is the earthquake warning, we are worried to get stuck in the city if it hits. thanks

Hi there What exactly are you

Hi there

What exactly are you asking? Earthquake warnings? There isn't really a forecast for potential earthquakes as such. For official advice regarding earthquakes have a look at or contact http://info.geonet.org.nz

- WW Team

Hi, would you know whether

Hi, would you know whether the ferry services between Wellington and Picton are affected? If so, when do they expect to resume normal operations? Thank you.

Cook Strait Ferries.

Hi. All ferry services are on hold. However plans are being discussed to set up a direct ferry from Wellington to Lyttelton (Christchurch). Best to keep an eye on the Interislander and Bluebridge websites for updates.

Hi there Best to contact the

Hi there

Best to contact the people concerned.



Hope that helps!

- WW Team

Travel safety Queenstown/ Milford sound

Hi, we are from Australia planing to visit Queenstown, Milford sound departing on Wednesday 16th nov 2016 from here and stay there for 4nights. Want to know those areas are safe to visit? Thanks!

Hi there That part of the

Hi there

That part of the country is fine, enjoy!

- WW Team


Concerned for our daughter and husband living south of Ward on SH1 near Kekerengu. Can't raise them. In a farmouse 4 kms before Kekerengu (The Store) on right side of SH1. Might need assistance...

The earthquake

Felt it after midnight, in Taumarunui, lasted bout 10min or so,


We felt it .in Raglan I've lived here 21yrs And never felt a jolt like that Now it's dark and I live by the sea . And the sea is rough jolt last about the same 10mins

Sister and brother-in-law vacationing in Fjord national Park

today and then traveling to Stewart Island. Are those area effected? Departing Friday. Were airports damamged? Thank you so much

They'll be fine in regards to

They'll be fine in regards to this incident.

- WW Team

Son in Queenstown

We have a son in Queenstown. Presuming internet affected? Keep safe everyone. Thinking of you all from here in bonnie Scotland

Queenstown is fine, I'm

Queenstown is fine, I'm closer to the epicentre then Queenstown is by a long shot and everything is fine around me. So no stress down there in regards to this incident.

- WW Team


Hi. Our daughter is also at Queenstown, so we thank you for your report and reassurance.

No worries, Queenstown is all

No worries, Queenstown is all good :)

- WW Team

Our younger son is travelling

Our younger son is travelling in New Zealand. We know he is not in trouble. We also live in a land where we can expect earthquackes, vulcan eruption etc. at any moment. With the hope nobody have to have worries. Greetings from Iceland, north Europe Gudjon Jensson

Your son

People here will look after him. Don't worry.

Hi , I live about 100-200

Hi , I live about 100-200 meters away from the waitaki river in the waitaki bridge village not sure what I should do

Hi,we have a sister and her

Hi,we have a sister and her husband living in tauranga.is the place affected?

How's Tauranga ?

Hi ! I have been watching NZTV ONE which is running a VG continuous 'brief' on the early morning Quake. I watched it from about 10-00.....there was a "Tsunami Warning " in force for Bay of Plenty..Later in the morning that was 'lifted. ' I live in a Suburb called Welcome Bay, my home is around 10 Metres above Mean High Water Springs. I am a light sleeper , but was NOT woken by any shaking....just the usual " Call of nature(!)", deciding to have a small glass of milk, and switched on The Box.....this was about 0120 hours...THAT's when I first saw the Info.about the Quake. I was concerned about my son living in Lincoln, near Christchurch with his partner and my two Grand-daughters. He replied at first light , saying he and his partner awoke, and it felt like a ship at Sea , rolling ! The girls ages 10 and 12 slept right through ! I believe you have no worries about your sister and her family, but if in touch, for safety reasons , tell them to keep away from the Beach at all times ...this has ben a National Warning.

Earthquake, tsunami...

My dad also lives in Tauranga and he said that he's alright. It should be alright up there...

I live in Tauranga also and

I live in Tauranga also and no we won't . Possibly a little more swell for the surfers haha

Hi there, no it isn't -

Hi there, no it isn't - please see the map above.



Hi there Plenty of comments

Hi there

Plenty of comments coming in. Please read the stories and refer to the civil defense website here:


Also Civil Defense on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NZcivildefence

- WW Team

Should papamoa residents move

Should papamoa residents move to higher ground?

Is Port

Hey. Just a query is Port Chalmers at risk?


Hi, should we evacuate from Lincoln?

Tsunami warning

Hi, We have evacuated from the Tauranga Bay Holiday Camp, Far North. Is it safe to go back?


We are on parked on a site very close to Greymouth Beach, should we move to higher ground?


Hi, should we evacuate the students of Lincoln Uni?

Tsunami Warning

Hey i'm Berhampore just up from newtown shops should I evacuate?


Hi there we are in papanui christchurch do we need to evacuate??


Hi I am new to the country Residing in Dunedin Do I need to evacuate?

checking on Sister in Dunedin

My Sister and Brother-In-Law are in Dunedin, Laura & Ed Hepko. Hoping to make contact with them to make sure they are ok. Marilyn James

no action in Dunedin this

no action in Dunedin this morning, have slept all through it and no significant tsunami. Tsunami warning now reduced to stay away from beaches

Live in chch on the eastside

Live in chch on the eastside ,should we go live in parklands


Hi I'm in Belfast r we safe

Belfast OK

No need to leave Belfast.


is it only red zone threat in wellington?

Tsunami warning

Hi I'm in gisborne. From Australia so not sure where the best updates come from. Should I be moving away from past accommodation?