Falling trees crush car on SH1, power cut, roofs lifted

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Reports are coming in from all over Auckland, Waikato and now Bay of Plenty of trees coming down, some roofs being lifted and power being cut.

Vector's website says that at least 25 suburbs in Auckland have some form of power distruption from the gales and thunderstorms that moved over the city around 6:30pm.

As of 8pm severe weather was moving into Whakatane.

NZHerald.co.nz has reported that the storm currently has brought down trees across State Highway One near Rangiriri in the Waikato, blocking northbound lanes entirely.

Motorist Sue Willmore, who is travelling south, said "it looked like a tornado had gone through. There were massive trees down across the motorway. At least one car was smashed up."

Police and Fire are flat out attending weather incidents across the upper North Island.

WeatherWatch.co.nz says the risk for severe thunderstorms appears to be easing for those in the west but severe gales are likely to continue if not increase in some areas over the coming hours during squalls coming off the Tasman Sea.

WeatherWatch.co.nz strongly urges people to remain indoors tonight as winds bring down trees, branches and powerlines across the upper North Island.

- WeatherWatch.co.nz with NZHerald.co.nz


Mangawhai Weather

Really wild winds and sudden blasts of rain coming through here for the last 3-4 hours. We've lost power 3 times now but only for a minute or so each time (well done the power company so far). Hoping it does ease off a bit around midnight as suggested - would like to get some sleep :-)

Just had a huge burst of wind

Just had a huge burst of wind and rain here on the shore.

Bay of plenty warning

hi I was just wondering if this weather warning in the bay of plenty has finished or is there more to come, Im down Pukehina Beach and It was here for a short while now its gone quiet.

Weather Warning will remain

Weather Warning will remain until at midnight tomorrow at this stage - severe gales at times during squalls.  Although conditions are likely to ease a bit tomorrow.

- WW

waikato weather

umm i was wandering is the weather in waikato going to get worse or is it getting better?

We're still seeing some big

We're still seeing some big squalls across south Waikato, along with gusty winds, but the worst now appears to be over.

Going to be a windy 4 days ahead though

- WeatherWatch


Driving up the highway between Pukerua Bay and Paekakariki there were quite a few waterspouts (at around 2pm) and appeared to be some mini-tornadoes spiralling across the road with leaves and sea foam caught up in them


Was this confirmed as tornado Phil????

Hey Greg, No not yet - that's

Hey Greg,

No not yet - that's why it's in quotation marks.  Does sound a bit like it though.